Life on the Ragged Ledge

There are those who live life on the ragged edge: skydiving, scuba diving, going to the bottom of the Marianas Trench, testing experimental parachutes or airplanes.  Who was the first person to try to bungie jump?  I don’t know.  Who was the first person to eat an artichoke?  Did they live?

Who was the first person who tried to wrestle a bear or alligator?  There are those who tight-rope walk between tall buildings with no net or safety apparatus whatsoever.  Others scale the outside of skyscrapers.  Who would have liked to be the stunt-double for Tom Cruise in the last Mission Impossible movie and done the stunts outside the Burj Khalifa?

Not me!

Here’s a shot of some animals that live their lives on the ragged (l)edge and never worry about it.  This is a group of elk that were on a very steep hillside that I saw when we were at the Alpine Visitor Center at Rocky Mountain National Park (the top of the park, for all intents and purposes.)  As you can see, they’re not the least concerned…they are just eating away.  They were probably at least a quarter mile away and I fortunately had my telephoto on, so it came out large enough that  you can tell what the animals are.  If they invited me to come over and pet one of them, I would have declined!

A life entirely lived on the edge…

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1666, the Great Fire of London started in Pudding Lane.  It raged for four days destroying much of the city.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: scapulamancy was an ancient method of trying to tell the future by examining cracked shoulder bones (scapula).


One thought on “Life on the Ragged Ledge

  1. But you do live on the edge being a Christian,do you notice how they are so peaceful and not of the rest of the world? Yet they are on the edge for food and water all the time but always find what they need because he leaded them beside green pastures and still waters they are satisfied no matter where they are this is what the Lord wants us to be like, all truism:)

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