Bizarre Bellybutton Bazaar

OK.  First a word of caution.  This blog is supposed to relate to something that is happening in my life, right?  Yeah, I know I deviate from that frequently, but that was what it started out to be – a way to force me to take pictures and hopefully get better at it!  Today’s photo may not be for the squeamish.  In fact my wife, whose judgement is often superior to mine, was opposed to this post, but doggone it, IT’S MY BLOG, not hers!  So, I chose to ignore her advice and proceed!

As most of you know, on 6/29, I had my gall bladder removed.  I’d started having some significant difficulty the week before Easter and it had persisted until I finally went to the doc and they diagnosed a gall bladder problem – I had gall stones, and they referred me to a surgeon.

I sent to the surgeon and he said, “Yep, it should come out!”  (What else would you expect a surgeon to say, right?)  So, it was scheduled for as soon as I could get it done after getting back from India, and it was a birthday present to myself to get it out!

The surgeon is apparently very, very good.  Everyone at the hospital raved about the guy, so I’ll give him a plug: Dr. Christopher Hart.  If you’re in Atlanta and need a general surgeon, I think I highly recommend him.  He explained that they used to cut you wide open to take out your gall bladder, but then they switched to making 2 or 3 small incisions and did it via laparoscopic surgery.  Now, with the robot, he said he could make a single incision and get it out.  Sounded good to me!

There was only one problem: as I learned when I got to the hospital, the robot’s name was Bob.  I told them that would never do, and that at least for my surgery, it needed to be renamed Angelina.  I figured that the robot and I would be getting pretty intimate for a while there, and I preferred Angelina to Bob.

So, today’s picture is of my belly button.  I must say that I’m not as fat as the picture makes me look (I can just imagine some of the comments you wise-acres are going to make about that statement!)…my belly is swollen, naturally.  But the incision he made starts in my belly button and goes downward for about an inch.  They then inserted the “arms” of the robot into the incision, reached up about 5-6 inches to the area just under the right ribs, cut the artery, bile duct and took out the gall bladder through the incision.  Pertty cool, eh?  There are, of course, tiny cameras on Angelina’s “arms” so he can see in great magnification what he’s doing.

So, without further ado, if you want a belly button colored and decorated like mine, I know just the place.  While the hospital (which was great, by the way) is called Emory Johns Creek Hospital, I think I’ll call it the Bizarre Bellybutton Bazaar!  Sorry it’s not a bit clearer, but I had to take it via a reflection in the mirror as my wife didn’t want to take it!


My beautiful belly button as of 6/30/12

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1520, Montezuma II, was killed during the Spanish conquest of Mexico.  And note, there was no revenge from Montezuma!!!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Wolf was the name of the dog that Rip Van Winkel had when he fell asleep for 20  years.  Wonder who fed the dog???


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