All day long my wife was acting strangely.  She’s almost always very loving and kind, but today, for some reason, she started calling me “Bonehead!”  I must admit that I was very, very puzzled, because that is so unlike her!  Well, imagine my great surprise when I went into the bathroom later in the day and looked in the mirror and realized that she’d not been calling me “Bonehead” at all…but…

Surprise Conehead!!!!

…CONEHEAD!!!   Seems there was a pine cone growing out of the top of my head unbeknownst to me!

Of course, this is all in jest.  My wife is the sweetest woman in the world…really!!!!

Top Gun

Our church is members of the Chamber of Commerce in Cloverdale.  This afternoon, multiple Chamber of Commerce’s in our area joined together to have a joint meeting at the air museum in Santa Rosa.  I went for a little while and took some shots while I was there.  It was all outdoors, which surprised me.  There were some nice planes there, but perhaps the best was this F-14 Tomcat.  You may recall that the F-14 was the plane used in the movie, Top Gun with Tom Cruise.   In fact, this very plane was used in the movie!  Cool, eh?!?!

Top Gun F-14 Tomcat

Yep…we’re going “right in to the danger zone!”

Ya just gotta love early summer

June 2, 2010.  This year we’ve had over 50 inches of rain in Cloverdale!  Last year we had 27.  We really needed all that rain after the last 3 or 4 years of drought conditions here, so we’re very thankful for it…but we’re also thankful now for the early summer days with the temps in the 70’s and 80’s.  Won’t be long and Cloverdale will be getting some hot weather.  We’ve seen it has high as 117 here, but that’s rare.  I love Cloverdale evenings in the summer because we’re only about 25 miles as the crow flies from the Pacific and when the fog banks roll in on summer nights, it cools us down so wonderfully!  You just can’t beat summer evenings in Cloverdale!

Anyway, we can thank the rain for the flowers we’ve seen this late spring and early summer.  Here’s one I shot…

I love early summer!

I hope your Thursday is beautiful!

A day for focusing

Tuesday’s are my main days for study and reflection and working on my messages.  Not the only day, mind you…but the main one.  It’s a good day to sit, focus and reflect on life, purpose, meaning…and to try to find something that will help people who are struggling with life.  So, I thought a picture of “focus” might be in order!  This is a shot of my sister’s dog, Speedy (I call him Speedbump!) and he was VERY focused.  Wish my focus was that intense!

If only I were that focused!

I wonder what he was thinking.  But then, I’m sure that when I give some of my messages, by the time I’m done, others are thinking, “I wonder what he was thinking!?!?!”

Hope you enjoy it.

The 3-day weekend is over, and so am I…

Whew!  Remember how sometimes you play too hard on the weekend and then when the weekend is over, you’re whipped?  Well, I didn’t play this weekend.  I weed-whacked, worked on Sunday (preacher’s do that, you know!) and then on Monday, I cut up an oak tree that had fallen on our neighbor’s property, loaded it up and hauled it to our house where I unloaded it for firewood for this winter!  Then, we went to my sisters and had KFC and sat in the hot tub and soaked away some of the aches.  This picture just about says how I felt when I finished up the oak tree and loading/unloading the wood…

At the end of a 3-day weekend...

I hope you enjoyed your holiday and remembered our fallen veteran heroes!

On to the next challenge…

This is one of my chain saw chains.  It is a new chain … well, almost.  I had to buy a new chain saw (my old one went belly up!), and the first time I used the new saw, the chain slipped the sprocket and got a tiny bit dinged up.  If you look closely, toward the bottom of the picture you’ll be able to see a few little “burrs” on the part of the chain that inserts into the chain bar.  I had to file those off today, because tomorrow I’m supposed to cut up an oak tree that fell on my neighbor’s property.  (He’s giving us the wood!)  What made it all the more frustrating that the chain got a bit hosed up was the fact that the chain saw shop put the chain on…and apparently they didn’t put it on tight enough…hence it came off the sprocket!!!

Never fear!  Chain saw filer is here!!!!  What a way it’ll be to spend a holiday.

Let’s not forget those who died so we can  have freedom!

The troublesome chain...
The chain I had to fix today

Oh, my aching feet…

Weed whacking day #2…got all the weed whacking done per se, but boy are my feet sore!  It’s amazing how standing on a steep hill with your feet either pointed upwards, downwards or sideways can make your toes get blisters and your feet get hot spots!  So, when I was all done today, I thought what better picture to represent my day other than a shot of my feet!  So, check it out…maybe you can see the red spots and the big blister on the outside of my little toe on my right foot. What you cant’ see here is the hot spots on the bottom of my feet…

Aching Feet
These little piggies need a break...

It’s been one of those days…

No rain today!  Hurray…and boo!!!  Because it was dry enough, I had to do some weed-whacking today.  I guess I should have known what the day was going to hold when I got up in the morning, went to the back patio, and this little “Welcome” toadstool was beckoning me to the patch of weeds that is our hillside!  I got about half the job done today.  I hope to finish up on Saturday!

Welcome to the Jungle!
Weed whack or I'll disappear forever!

Wishin’ for a Change

My first picture post and already I’m breaking the rules!  I DIDN’T take this picture today, but today reminded me of this picture…except it was the opposite!  It’s been freezing cold and raining for the past couple of days (this just doesn’t happen in California at this time of year!)  I took this picture on 5/6/10 in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.  It’s a HDR (high dynamic range) picture, which is one of my favorite types of photography.

Why this picture today?  Because I can’t wait for the weather to turn warm and sunny!  But alas, for now, I’m off to light the wood-burning stove to try and warm up the house!HDR of Golden Gate Park lake, 5/6/10

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