Hi!  Thanks for checking out my photo-and-text “day in the life” blog!  I appreciate you stopping by.

In case you’re wondering, that dog in the header image was my white boxer, Casper (good name for a white dog, don’t you think?)  Sadly, he died in mid-December, 2011. What a dog he was!!! Best dog in the history of the world…and I’ve had lots of fantastic dogs.  But, enough about that!

While this blog was started as a way to force myself to take more pictures to get better at this thing called photography, I’ve added a couple of things to it over time:

1. I love trivia myself, so I started including a bit of trivia to each post; 

2. I also find history fascinating, so a snippet of history is included for each day…something that occurred on that date at some point in the past.

I hope you find these interesting and good additions.  Comments are, of course, welcome, but will be moderated to prevent objectionable stuff!  To be sure that you don’t miss out on any of this FASCINATING stuff, you can subscribe to this blog so you’ll know when something new has been posted.

A bit about  me: I am married and have 3 terrific grown kids who are all married to wonderful folk!  I also have 6 incredible grand kids.  We have a dog (Lucy – a yellow lab.)  Where is home?  Wherever we happen to be!

I’ve been seriously interested in photography since about 2006.  In the past, I’ve used regular 35mm film, 110 film, a twin-lens reflex camera in a 3.25″ format, a Nikon digital (4 MP) a Sony Alpha 100 DSLR, and now I use a Canon EOS 7D DSLR as well as my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to take pictures. I used to do my photo processing in Photoshop, but have recently switched to Skylum’s Luminar and Aurora products and I like them a great deal. Simple, yet capable photo processing!

I hope you enjoy my life as told through pictures and my ramblings as much as I enjoy my life.  It’s been a GREAT life – I wouldn’t trade any of it (well, OK, maybe a few small things!)  I’m a happy man!

If you are interested in buying some of my pictures (not why I’m doing this!), you can see selected images here: twolfgcd.redbubble.com on the RedBubble site.

‘Nuff said.  On with the show!!!!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. I would like to point out something in a blog in which you posted in Jan of 2012. It is about rifles and smooth bore muskets. You make a statement that in the Revolution there were far less deaths because rifles had not been invented until the 1800s. This sadly is an inaccurate statement. The Pennsylvania and Kentucky Long Rifles, which were originally flintlock weapons and used by the minutemen were in fact rifles. This gave The minutemen a distinct advantage when attacking the British Regulars (Like at Concord and Lexington) This demonstrated the ability to use range and precision to help aid in the Colonial cause. Most Militia engaged in A-Symmetric Warfare to counter the superior training of the British Army. The Continental Army and the British Army both used smooth bore Muskets because reload times were much faster than that of Rifles, since Rifle balls and patches fit much tighter in the barrel and take more time to ram into place.

    I hope this helps.

  2. Hello Galen! I think I found you through Photography on WP. Your blog looks terrific and your photos make me regret my purchase of a Nikon D3200. Would a Canon have been a better choice???
    Sorry about Casper. Pets should live 50 years not 10-15.
    God willing, when I come back from Africa I’m getting another dog.

    1. Hi, Kelly! Your comments are very kind and gracious! Thank you! I enjoyed your site, too, and will be following you shortly!

      Nikon and Canon both make good cameras and it’s hard to go wrong with either one. The D3200 is a good camera. I use a Canon 7D, which is a pretty nice camera. I prefer Canon myself (of course I’ve got money invested in lenses, etc., now) so I suspect I’ll be a Canon guy all the rest of my life. But I’m sure you can get some really nice shots with the D3200!!!

      I couldn’t agree with you more about pets and how long they should live. They should outlive us…especially dogs!!!!

      Where are you at in Africa? How long are you there and when do you get home? I’d love to know more. Feel free to write at any time!!!!

      Blessings and peace..

  3. You have great blog. I love You History and trivia. I checked Your cemetery visit and loved them. I am the one who visits on cemeteries also when shooting photos from our small wooden churches.

    Have a wonderful day!

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