A Most Unusual Place


After leaving Arches National Park, we made our way to Bryce Canyon National Park. It’s 244 miles by car between the two. Here in the United States, Carlsbad Caverns National Park was very unique. So was Arches. And so is Bryce Canyon.

Today’s photo was shot in the afternoon at Bryce. It was hot, sunny and bone dry. A lot of people get up early to go to Bryce and shoot pictures as the sun comes up…but I was on vacation and was too lazy to get up early!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1596 one of the first tsunamis ever to be recorded devastated the east coast of Kyushu, the southernmost major island of Japan.

The tsunami was set off by a relatively small earthquake in Beppu Bay on Kyushu’s east coast. Despite its weakness, the quake, which was felt as far away as Kyoto and Kagoshima, caused a landslide on the bay’s coast. The landslide pushed so much water across the bay that it sent a 50-foot wave towards Uryu-Jima Island.

The very small island, located a mile offshore from Oita, Kyushu’s capital city, had only a six-mile circumference and was home to 5,000 people. The quake itself had little effect on the island’s people, but the resulting wave totally submerged the island and killed about one in every five people. The island was uninhabitable long after the tsunami.

The tsunami also went on to destroy Saganoseki and two other small villages located on the Beppu Bay coast. About 1,000 acres of the mainland virtually disappeared in the disaster.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: when the Apollo 8 was launched, the vibrations from the power of the Saturn V were so strong that they were picked up on seismometers as far away as New York.


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