Arch you getting tired?


Arches National Park was pretty amazing. I had never been there before, so when we went several years ago it was captivating. I’d love to go back there again when we might have more time to explore. 

There are many interesting rock formations in the park as well as numerous arches. Believe it or not, there are over 2000 sandstone arches in the entire park!  The most famous one is probably Delicate Arch, but all the ones we saw were awesome. I particularly like the one that is in my photo today. It was amazingly large and it looks very fragile. I can’t help but wonder how many more years it will survive. Unless I’m mistaken, this one is called Landscape Arch, spanning a gap of 290 feet. It is the largest arch in the park. 

One tip: if you plan to go in the summertime, take plenty of water with you. It’s hot! If you want to learn how the arches formed, check out Arches National Park on Wikipedia.

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1880, Diablo, a chief of the Cibecue Apache, was killed during a battle with a competing band of Indians.

Known as Eskinlaw to his own people, Diablo was a prominent chief of the Cibecue Apache, who lived in the White Mountains of Arizona. Initially, Diablo had attempted to cooperate with the increasing number of whites who were encroaching on the Apache homeland. In July 1869, he traveled to Fort Defiance, the first American military post in Arizona, in hopes of establishing good relations. Three white men returned with Diablo and regular visits between the two groups began.

Tensions, however, continued amongst the Apache themselves, many of whom were less welcoming to the Americans. In 1873, a warrior from a competing band of Apaches led by Eshkeldahsilah killed a white man working at the army’s Fort Apache. Diablo tracked down the offending warrior and killed him, winning the Americans’ praise but Eshkeldahsilah’s increased enmity.

To avoid further violence, the commander of Fort Apache ordered all the surrounding tribes to move closer to the fort. This may have decreased the attacks on the Americans, but it increased the tensions between the Apache bands. The government further angered Diablo in July 1875, when it ordered that all of the Apaches in the region move to the San Carlos Reservation east of present-day Phoenix.

In apparent frustration at the imperious behavior of the Americans, Diablo finally turned against the whites. In January 1876, he attacked the camp near Fort Apache, and he killed at least one white civilian. He also began attacking a competing band of White Mountain Apache who continued to cooperate with the Americans. Eventually, the White Mountain Apache got their revenge on Diablo. On this day in 1880, the two bands of Apache fought a fierce battle near Fort Apache. By the time the American military arrived on the site, Diablo’s opponents had killed him.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the meanings of words in Romance and Germanic languages do not vary based on tone and pitch. Words in tonal languages, such as Mandarin and Hmong, do. In these “tonal languages,” the same sound can have up to eight meanings, depending on the way it is said.


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