Hanging on a hillside in the Rockies…


After crossing the passes on our way to Glenwood Springs, we arrived at our destination, where my wife’s brother and family live. We spent a few delightful days with them. We went and saw Maroon Bells, on of the most scenic and photographed places in Colorado, and yes, I did shoot photos there. But since you’ve undoubtedly seen pictures of Maroon Bells before, I’m not going to share mine. Instead, one of the things that my brother-in-law and I did was to hike up the side of a mountain to Hanging Lake. 

In my opinion, it was well worth the trip. You can be the judge after looking at today’s photo from Hanging Lake.

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1942, during World War II, an Allied force of 7,000 men carry out a large daytime raid against German positions at the French seaport of Dieppe. Aided by tanks and aircraft, the commando force–made up of approximately 5,000 Canadians, 2,000 British soldiers, and a handful of American and Free French troops–gained a foothold on the beach in the face of a furious German defense. During nine hours of fighting, the Allies failed to destroy more than a handful of their targets and suffered the death of 3,600 men. More than 100 aircraft, a destroyer, 33 landing craft, and 30 tanks were also lost. Despite its high costs, the Dieppe raid provided valuable logistical information later used in planning the successful 1944 Allied landing at Normandy.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: human speech predates written language by tens of thousands of years. No one knows exactly how old spoken language is. Though it’s a common belief that women talk more than men, the evidence is inconclusive. One recent study found that women say about 13,000 more words per day than men, while another found no substantial difference.




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