Near the entry or exit (depending on whether you’re coming or going!) to the Gibbs Gardens main building is a row of trees that are delightful. It doesn’t have to be spring or fall, I suspect that they’re nice any time of the year simply because of their symmetry. They line both sides of a pathway for probably at least 100 feet or more. They beg me to shoot their picture every time I go.

The last time I was there, I shot this picture. They are like silent sentinels, but welcoming. We all need sentinels, don’t we? Someone to watch over us and provide us protection and shelter. I like ’em!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1957, two teenagers met at a Liverpool festival. John Lennon was performing with his band, the Quarrymen, and Paul McCartney stopped by to check them out. I’m so glad there was Something on that Day in the Life that made them Come Together, aren’t you?!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: As of 2012, the Beatles have sold over 2 billion albums.


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