Spidey Bites the Dust

It wasn’t that long ago and the movie, Superman vs. Batman was playing in theaters. I, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on which reviews you read) missed it. Guess I’ll just have to catch it on video. But I have to say that the whole idea of Superman vs. Batman strikes me as silly for at least a couple of reasons: 1) everyone knows that Batman is just a guy in a special suit with lots of cool gadgets and that Superman is, well, supernatural and superhuman, meaning he’d kick Batman’s hiney easily; 2) everyone knows that Batman isn’t real, while Superman is!!!! Regardless, battles involving super-heroes do capture our attention and fascination.

Witness today’s photo of the superhero, Spiderman. You may not believe it, but I encountered Spiderman at the Renaissance Faire where he was casually strolling down the path with some mortals.  Then, out of the blue, this girl approached him and put him in a headlock!


Now there’s a battle that was no contest!  Everyone knows that Spiderman is just some troubled young man in a funky looking suit and that no man, perhaps not even Superman, would stand a chance against a woman!  Today’s photo is proof!  And she’s enjoying choking the life out of him as you can tell!  Women of the world unite!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1949, the body of Leon Besnard was exhumed in Loudun, France, by authorities searching for evidence of poison. For years, local residents had been suspicious of his wife Marie, as they watched nearly her entire family die untimely and mysterious deaths. Law enforcement officials finally began investigating Marie after the death of her mother earlier in the year.

Marie married Leon in August 1929. The couple resented the fact that they lived relatively modestly while their families were so well off. When two of Leon’s great aunts perished unexpectedly, most of their money was left to Leon’s parents. Consequently, the Besnards invited Leon’s parents to live with them.

Shortly after moving in, Leon’s father died, ostensibly from eating a bad mushroom. Three months later, his widow also died and neighbors began chatting about a Besnard family jinx. The inheritance was split between Leon and his sister, Lucie. Not so surprisingly, the newly rich Lucie died shortly thereafter, supposedly taking her own life.

Becoming increasingly greedy, the Besnards began looking outside the family for their next victim. They took in the Rivets as boarders, who, under the Besnards’ care, also died abruptly. No one was too surprised when the Rivets’ will indicated Marie as the sole beneficiary.

Pauline and Virginie Lallerone, cousins of the Besnards, were next in line. When Pauline died, Marie explained that she had mistakenly eaten a bowl of lye. Apparently, her sister Virginie didn’t learn her lesson about carelessness, because when she died a week later, Marie told everyone that she too had inadvertently eaten lye.

When Marie fell in love with another man in 1947, Leon fell victim to her poisoning as well. Traces of arsenic were found in his exhumed body, as well as in the rest of her family’s corpses. But Marie didn’t let a little bit of pesky evidence get in her way. She managed to get a mistrial twice after trace evidence was lost while conducting the tests for poison each time. By her third trial, there wasn’t much physical evidence left. On December 12, 1961, Marie Besnard was acquitted. The “Queen of Poisoners,” as the French called her, ended up getting away with 13 murders. (This Day In History)

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: before the 1500s, couples in Europe were free to marry themselves. It wasn’t until 1564 when the Council of Trent declared marriage was a sacrament that weddings became the province of priests and churches. (Random Facts)



2 thoughts on “Spidey Bites the Dust

  1. I’m not a Ren Fair guy so maybe it’s above my head, but I don’t understand these people that dress up in Star Wars and superhero costumes at these events (yes I’ve seen photos of Jedis at these things). I think some take too much liberty with the “fantasy” aspect of it. If you are walking around in feudalistic Middle Ages, there aren’t guys in red spandex suits walking around, jumping from walls. :D

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