Screamin’ Pink Meanies…

You wouldn’t usually expect to see exotic birds at a Renaissance Faire. I certainly didn’t.  But at the Georgia Renaissance Faire two weekends ago, we saw several. An aviary had been created there that was raising money for the care of the birds, I think. There were numerous beautiful birds and I shot several photos that I’ll share in the next few days.

I’m not a “birder”, but my wife is. I must confess, however, that birds can be among the most beautiful of the creatures in nature.

This particular bird (I can’t recall it’s name) was the star of the exhibition. He seemed to delight in hanging by his beak and then screaming at the top of his little birdy lungs!  He even posed for this first picture for me…and I’ll include a second so you can see him hanging by his beak while screaming (I will spare you the noise, which I didn’t record).

Here he is posing and seemingly smiling at the camera:


…and here he is screamin’ his little pink head off while hanging by his beak…


This rascal was L.O.U.D.!!!!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in London, in 1671, Thomas Blood, an Irish adventurer better known as “Captain Blood,” was captured attempting to steal the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London.

Blood, a Parliamentarian during the English Civil War, was deprived of his estate in Ireland with the restoration of the English monarchy in 1660. In 1663, he put himself at the head of a plot to seize Dublin Castle from supporters of King Charles II, but the plot was discovered and his accomplices executed. He escaped capture. In 1671, he hatched a bizarre plan to steal the new Crown Jewels, which had been refashioned by Charles II because most of the original jewels were melted down after Charles I’s execution in 1649.

On May 9, 1671, Blood, disguised as a priest, managed to convince the Jewel House keeper to hand over his pistols. Blood’s three accomplices then emerged from the shadows, and together they forced their way into the Jewel House. However, they were caught in the act when the keeper’s son showed up unexpectedly, and an alarm went out to the Tower guard. One man shoved the Royal Orb down his breeches while Blood flattened the Crown with a mallet and tried to run off with it. The Tower guards apprehended and arrested all four of the perpetrators, and Blood was brought before the king. Charles was so impressed with Blood’s audacity that, far from punishing him, he restored his estates in Ireland and made him a member of his court with an annual pension.

Captain Blood became a colorful celebrity all across the kingdom, and when he died in 1680 his body had to be exhumed in order to persuade the public that he was actually dead.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: The largest item found on any menu is roasted camel which is still served at some Bedouin weddings and was offered by royalty in Morocco several hundred years ago. The camel is cleaned and then stuffed with one whole lamb, 20 chickens, 60 eggs, and 110 gallons of water, among other ingredients.


3 thoughts on “Screamin’ Pink Meanies…

  1. Ah, see, even an old dog like me can learn new things…and maybe I am a birder after all. Now I can tell the difference between a salmon crested cockatoo and an ostrich!!!!

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