Bumper Stickers


What is it that causes people to put bumper stickers on their cars? I don’t get it. I don’t know that I’ve ever put a bumper sticker on my cars. Does that make me strange? I have put magnetic “ribbons” on the back of a car that speak towards supporting our veterans, but that’s about it. I don’t have anything against bumper stickers themselves. I just don’t want to put them on my car or truck. I must admit, however, that I find some bumper stickers to be clever and often funny.

While we were in Jerusalem in the old city, I saw this billboard with a bunch of bumper stickers pinned on to it. I thought some of them were pretty clever. Check ’em out!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1936, the dismembered body of Florence Polillo was found in a basket and several burlap sacks in Cleveland. The 42-year-old woman was the third victim in 18 months to be found dismembered with precision. It sparked a panic in Cleveland,where the unknown murderer was dubbedthe “Mad Butcher.”

In June 1936, another head, and later a headless body, turned up and police were unable to identify the victim. Even when a replica mask of the victim’s face was displayed at the Great Lakes Exposition, the victim remained a mystery, while the Mad Butcher continued killing.

By the summer of 1938, with the body count into double digits, the Cleveland police were desperate to find the Mad Butcher. One suspect, an actual butcher named Frank Dolezal, was interrogated for 40 straight hours until he confessed to killing Florence Polillo. However, he subsequently changed his story many times and killed himself in his cell before his guilt could be determined.

In reality, though, few authorities believed Dolezal was actually the killer—it is believed that the real suspect was relatively prominent and politically connected, and as a result the police department trumped up the case against Dolezal. All official police records of the matter have been destroyed.

The Mad Butcher’s attack stopped in Cleveland after the Dolezal’s suicide. The true identity of the Mad Butcher remains a mystery to this day.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Several studies show that a plant-based diet increases the body’s metabolism, causing the body to burn calories up to 16% faster than the body would on a meat-based diet for at least the first 3 hours after meals. Bummer!


4 thoughts on “Bumper Stickers

  1. Yeah that’s why vegetarians are rails. ;-)

    I remember seeing a blurb on the Cleveland killings on some TV show. I found that story to be *very* interesting, actually considered doing a post on it at one point.

    Bumper stickers: I’m with you on that one my friend. For the most part I don’t mind them, I just don’t get them. I don’t care for those who feel the need to evangelize their political beliefs on their bumper though. On the plus side, if I know you have a political bumper sticker on your car I also know we won’t be friends, so that will save some time. :D

    1. Well, that’s good news! We can still be friends! I don’t go for political bumper stickers AT ALL. I like the funny ones…like those which may mock something. Remember the one: Visualize World Peace? (It would be wonderful, but it will take more than just visualization to make that a reality!!!!) I saw one that said, Visualize Whirrled Peas…and it made me laugh!!!!

      1. Haha, visualize whirled peas is funny! Ok something like that is cool, I appreciate the sarcastic humor of some of the stickers, yes. I’ve also laughed at the occasional jalopy on the road with the “honk if anything falls off” sticker.

        I appreciate the British stance on politics and religion, where it’s considered generally not in good taste to discuss or advertise such things. Of course the American version is to “be loud and make sure everyone knows.”

        In the school cafeteria of the world, we’re that loud obnoxious kid aren’t we? :-D

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