It’s been a long haul…


Whew. I’ve been busy…super busy, in fact.  I was traveling, then I got sick, then I had to go on another trip for 12 days.  Just got home yesterday.

You know that old saying about “There’s no place like home”?  Well, let me tell you, it’s true. Some think it must be glamorous to travel, stay in a hotel, eat out…but it isn’t. Not at all. I’m so glad to be back home!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take my camera with me and I’ve not shot much of anything for so long now that I’m not sure I’ll know how to work my camera any more (just kidding…but it feels that way!)

So, here’s another picture I took a while back. It’s a piece of “art” with a portion of a Beatles’ song on it, Let It Be. I remember when the song came out. I was a teenager in high school. It surely seems to have been an easier time…and safer, too. With recent events in Paris, with threats being made about attacks in the US and in Washington, I think we all long for those simpler, more sane times.  Let it be…

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1957, infamous killer Edward Gein murders his last victim, Bernice Worden of Plainfield, Wisconsin. His grave robbing, necrophilia, and cannibalism gained national attention, and may have provided inspiration for the characters ofNorman Bates in Psycho and serial killer Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs.

Gein was a quiet farmer who lived in rural Wisconsin with an extremely domineering mother. After she died in 1945, he began studying anatomy, and started stealing women’s corpses from local cemeteries. In 1954, Gein shot and killed saloonkeeper Mary Hogan, piled the body onto a sled, and dragged it home.

On November 16, Gein robbed Worden at the local hardware store she owned and killed her. Her son, a deputy, discovered his mother’s body and became suspicious of Gein, who was believed to be somewhat odd. When authorities searched Gein’s farmhouse, they found an unimaginably grisly scene: organs were in the refrigerator, a heart sat on the stove, andheads had been made into soup bowls. Apparently, Gein had kept various organs from his grave digging and murders as keepsakes and for decoration. He had also used human skin to upholster chairs.

Though it is believed that he killed others during this time, Gein only admitted to the murders of Worden and Hogan. In 1958, Gein was declared insane and sent to the Wisconsin State Hospital in Mendota, where he remained until his death in 1984.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Thailand set the world record of the longest line of washed plates in May 2010 when 10,488 washed plates were lined up. However, that record was crushed on April 6, 2011, in India when 15,295 washed plates were lined up, equaling more than 2.36 miles.


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