It helps…to have a sense of humor…

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Have you got a sense of humor? It may be a weird one, a strange sense of humor, but do you have one? I think it is very important in order to be able to get on with life.

My grandmother, may she rest in peace, was English from the word “go”. I can only remember her laughing one time – and that wasn’t at a joke. It was when we were in a car on our way to a diner for a meal. It was a fairly cool day, but it was warm inside the car. My wife was sitting next to my grandmother and noticed my grandmother’s arms were crossed over her chest. My wife asked her if she was cold, to which my grandmother replied, “No, why do you ask?” My wife told her that it was because she had her arms crossed as if she were trying to stay warm. My grandmother, staid, stoic English person that she was, exclaimed, “Well, I do!”, and then burst out laughing!

That was innocent enough. But with much that goes on in the country and world today, I believe it’s more important than ever to have a sense of humor because it helps keep us S-A-N-E! I’d go nuts if I couldn’t find numerous things each day that brighten my day by their silliness, or by a clever turn of phrase or an image that says more than a thousand words could ever duplicate!

I thought these signs from a flea market were pretty funny and they helped make my day when I shot them and again today when I posted them. Just imagine the possibilities…

Go ahead…laugh a bit. Loosen up. Let it out a bit. You’ll feel better in the long run!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in1981, fifteen-year-old Eric Witte shot his father, 43-year-old volunteer firefighter Paul Witte, in the family’s Indiana home. Although Eric admitted to shooting his father, he claimed that the gun had accidentally gone off when he tripped on a rug. The bullet hit his father, who was lying on a couch across the room, in the head. The shooting was ruled an accident, and Eric was released.

Three years later, Eric’s grandmother, Elaine Witte, 74, was killed with a crossbow. A few months after the murder, the entire family was arrested in California for forging Elaine’s signature on her Social Security checks. In the subsequent trial, the bizarre story behind the murders came to light.

Eric’s mother, Hilma Marie Witte, had tried to kill her husband, Paul, by lacing his food with rat poison and Valium. When this proved unsuccessful, she convinced her son to shoot his father by telling him that Paul was going to divorce her and that they would end up living in the streets. She later persuaded John “Butch” Witte, Eric’s younger brother, to kill his grandmother by convincing him that Elaine planned to kick them out of the house. John, who witnessed his father’s murder at the age of 11, was 14 when he killed Elaine Witte. At the trial, John stated, “My mom said I could strangle her or use my crossbow. It was up to me.”

A few hours after killing his grandmother, John went to court with his mother to inquire about receiving disability benefits from his father’s death. When they returned home that night, they began cutting up Elaine’s body with a knife and a chainsaw. Marie and her two boys then scattered the dismembered body throughout California.

John and Eric were given 20- and five-year sentences, respectively, and were released in 1996. Hilma Marie Witte received a 90-year sentence.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Ramses II (1279-1212 B.C.) is often considered the greatest pharaoh (“great house”) of the Egyptian empire. He ruled Egypt for 60 years and was the only pharaoh to carry the title “the Great” after his name. He had over 90 children: approximately 56 boys and 44 girls. He had eight official wives and nearly 100 concubines. He also had red hair, which was associated with the god Seth. (GCD: I named a dog after Ramses II.)


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