I Just Want a Place to Rest

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It is just one of the many mausolea in Oakwood Cemetery near downtown Atlanta.  The date above the door says 1890.  It seems strange to me to realize that 125 years have passed since it was constructed and the first occupants were laid to rest inside this monument.

What will my monument look like?  That’s really simple.  I won’t have one!  I don’t want to be buried.  I’m opting for cremation when my time comes.  Just put me in a bottle and set me on a mantle or in the top of a closet somewhere.  That would be fine with me.  I don’t have the money to build something like this, and even if I did, I wouldn’t want it.  Put the money to better use by giving it to my grand kids for college or some other worthy cause.

I have nothing against those who build such edifices.  It just isn’t my thing!!!!


FBI agents arrest George “Bugs” Moran, along with fellow crooks Virgil Summers and Albert Fouts, in Kentucky. Once one of the biggest organized crime figures in America, Moran had been reduced to small bank robberies by this time. He died in prison 11 years later.

Bugs Moran’s criminal career took an abrupt downturn after the infamous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929, in which his top gunmen were slaughtered by rival Al Capone’s henchmen. (A lasting feud had been established after Capone’s men killed Moran’s friend and mentor, Deanie O’Banion, in 1924.) Moran, who just missed the massacre by a couple of minutes, was visibly shaken when reporters talked to him days later. He shouted at them, “Only Capone kills like that!”

Al “Scarface” Capone established his alibi by vacationing in Florida at the time of the Valentine’s Day murders. Sitting poolside, he mocked Moran, chuckling as he told reporters, “The only man who kills like that is Bugs Moran.” Later, while Capone was serving time for tax evasion, Moran may have earned a measure of revenge by killing Jack McGurn, one of the men who had carried out the massacre.

A bank robbery charge conviction eventually landed Moran in Leavenworth federal prison. Hewas releasedin 1956, but was then re-arrested for an earlier bank robbery. He died in prison of lung cancer on February 2, 1957.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Mars lacks an ozone layer; therefore, the surface of Mars is bathed in a lethal dose of radiation every time the sun rises. Anyone want to take a vacation trip to Mars with me?


4 thoughts on “I Just Want a Place to Rest

    1. Wow. No, I’d not seen that! What an amazing place it must be! Thanks for sharing that link! Even the photo of it is impressive! I can understand avoiding too sensitive of topics. Wise man!!!!!

  1. Isn’t that the truth?!?!? Some folks just seem to put up stuff on FB and other social media without thinking about how it will make them targets!!! I don’t get it! If I want to have an argument, I’ll go talk to myself!

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