…Locked Up

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We tend to lock away the things that are of greatest value.  We have safe deposit boxes for gold and jewels (at least some do!)  We put our money in banks.  We try to protect our children until they are old enough to make wise choices.  We lock our houses and cars so no one can take them or things from them.

Sadly, many people lock away their hearts and emotions.  Perhaps it is because of the pain they’ve suffered at the hands of others.  For some it may be that they are afraid of being hurt…and I can understand.  My body has been decorated with scars from many injuries and surgeries over the years but the pain that has always cut the deepest are the wounds of the heart.

Yet, if we lock ourselves away, we also never know the joy of love or being loved.  And as someone sagely said, “It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.”

This lock and chain reminded me of how we try to protect ourselves…and how that can be a poor decision.  I hope you love, and are loved, in return.

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY:  in 1918, with the Germans, in the throes of a major spring offensive on the Western Front, hammering their positions in Flanders, France, British forces evacuated Passchendaele Ridge, won by the Allies at such a terrible cost just five months earlier.

Under the command of Erich von Ludendorff, the German army launched “Operation Georgette,” the second phase of their first major offensive on the Western Front for more than a year, on April 9, 1918, near the River Lys in Flanders. In the first days of the attack, the Germans regained the momentum they had lost at the end of March, when the Allies halted the first phase of the attacks at Moreuil Wood and around Amiens, France. Storming ahead against the British and Portuguese divisions at the Lys (one Portuguese division was so overwhelmed it refused to go forward into the trenches after the initial bombardment), German forces advanced quickly as panic swept down the Allied lines of command.

On April 15, less than a week after Georgette began, the British were forced to evacuate Passchendaele Ridge, an area that had seen heavy bloodshed the previous fall, during the Third Battle of Ypres. That battle had ended in the Allied capture of Passchendaele on November 6, 1917, but only at the cost of 310,000 British casualties, compared with 260,000 on the German side. In addition to Passchendaele, the Germans gained control of Messines Ridge, the scene of another important Allied victory in June 1917, before the Allied defenses hardened and Ludendorff shut down the Georgette operation on April 29, 1918.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Darker shades of wine (the deepest, blackest reds and the most golden whites) usually come from warm climates and are rich and ripe. Lighter colors, especially in white wines, come from cooler climates and are lighter and less lush.


2 thoughts on “…Locked Up

    1. I think ultimately every person must decide how much “risk” of being hurt they are willing to absorb. And I suppose to some extent, that is dependent on the amount of pain one has already experienced. I, too, am fairly reserved, except with family and a very few friends with whom I am quite close.

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