…Came in Colors?

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How many colors can be found in all the species of birds in the world?  How about fish?  It must be astronomical.  I would imagine that just about every color you can imagine can be found on some kind of bird or fish or both.

What what about dogs?  I mean, if I were a dog (no snide remarks about that, honey!), I would feel cheated.  Dogs come in black, brown, white, gray and well, that’s about it.  Sure, sometimes they are spotted and multicolored, but they’re all really just variations of those few colors…again, unlike fish or birds.  Why, I think it’s enough to drive a good dog to bite!

If I were a boring-colored dog like the one I photographed here, I’d want to be half purple and half orange, or have a orange background color with purple stripes or spots.  What color would you like your dog to be?

I think that when I get to see God that I’ll ask Him why He didn’t make dogs come in more colors.  I can’t wait to hear His answer!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY:  in 1959, Carl Dean Switzer, the actor who as a child played “Alfalfa” in the Our Gang comedy film series, died at age 31 in a fight, allegedly about money, in Mission Hills, California. Alfalfa, the freckle-faced boy with a warbling singing voice and a cowlick protruding from the top of his head, was Switzer’s best-known role.

As a child, Switzer, who was born August 7, 1927, entertained people in his hometown of Paris, Illinois, with his singing. On a trip to California to visit relatives, Switzer’s mother took Carl and his brother to the Hal Roach Studios, a film and television production company that launched the careers of comedy legends like Laurel and Hardy. The Switzer brothers were signed by Hal Roach and Carl was cast as Alfalfa in the Our Gang series, which Roach began producing as silent films in the early 1920’s.

Our Gang revolved around a group of ragtag children and their adventures. Along with Alfalfa, other popular characters included Spanky, Buckwheat and Darla. Our Gang was considered groundbreaking in that it featured white and black child actors interacting equally. Switzer played Alfalfa from the mid-1930’s to the early 1940’s. In 1955, the Our Gang films were turned into a hugely popular TV series called The Little Rascals; however, Switzer never received any royalties from the show.

After Our Gang, Switzer found small roles in movies and on television, but his most successful days in Hollywood were behind him. He made money working odd jobs, including stints as a hunting guide and bartender, and had several run-ins with the police.

On January 21, 1959, Switzer and a friend went to the Mission Hills home of Moses “Bud” Stiltz, to collect a debt Switzer believed he was owed. A fight broke out, during which Stiltz shot and killed Switzer. A jury later ruled the incident justifiable homicide.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  According to one study, a first-time drunk-driving offender has already driven drunk more than 80 times before being arrested.


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