…for the Kids!


Parents go to extraordinary lengths for the well-being of their kids.  Where I come from, this is only to be expected.  There’s nothing especially heroic about it – it is part and parcel of being a parent.  After all, if you decide (or happen!) to bring a child into this world, you need to get over lingering selfishness and become a bit more selfless for the benefit of your children.  In my never-so-humble opinion, that’s the way it is supposed to be.

I think that it is worth every sacrifice we make for our kids.  I have been blessed with a long and wonderful marriage…to one woman!  And while there are those who stay together “for the sake of the kids”, that’s never been an issue for us as we’ve been very happy together and expect to be together as long as we both live.  I know not everyone is so fortunate and blessed.  That’s where the sign today comes into play.  I saw it in Helen, Georgia in a shop and thought it was cute…and shows what lengths we go to for our four-legged, furry “kids”!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY:  in 1959, the Malpasset Dam in France collapsed with the resulting flood killing more than 400 people. The city of Frejus, dating back to Caesar’s time, was devastated by the massive flood.

Frejus was built by Roman Emperor Caesar as a port city on the French Riviera. Over the years, the city center moved a few miles inland near the Reyran River. The river ran through a narrow gorge miles from the city and, in the 1950s, it was decided to build a dam to control the river’s flow.

In late November 1959, a week-long rain storm stalled over the French Riviera. It was the middle of the night on December 2 when the rock beneath the Malpasset Dam gave way under the weight and pressure of the water. The entire dam collapsed and the water rushed down the gorge with tremendous power. Miles away, windows and doors were blown out of homes by the water. Some victims were buried in mud, while others are believed to have been swept out to sea.

Rescue and relief efforts were extremely difficult as all access roads were destroyed. Even when help arrived, the mud was so thick that it took days of work to dig out the bodies. The best estimate is that approximately 412 people perished.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: The fifth-century B.C. text Surya Siddhanta approximated Saturn’s diameter at 73,580 miles. The calculation was only 1% off from the currently accepted estimate of 74,580 miles.


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