With a last name like Dalrymple, you get called a lot of things.  One of the names that got hung on me by classmates when I was a young kid was “Rumplestiltskin”.  But, with a first name like Galen, I was used to being called names so it didn’t really bother me.

But have ever thought what Rumplestiltskin must have looked like when he woke up after such a long time?  Nah, me neither.  But now that I mention it, I would imagine that he was rather wild and woolly looking!  Sort of like today’s photo that I took at the fair in Livermore, CA.

But there’s one thing I’d like to know even more about Rumplestiltskin than about how he looked: I’d like to know the secret to being able to sleep for 100 years!!!!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY:  on this day in 1961, President John F. Kennedy, speaking on civil defense, advised American families to build bomb shelters to protect them from atomic fallout in the event of a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union. Kennedy also assured the public that the U.S. civil defense program would soon begin providing such protection for every American. Only one year later, true to Kennedy’s fears, the world hovered on the brink of full-scale nuclear war when the Cuban Missile Crisis erupted over the USSR’s placement of nuclear missiles in Cuba. During the tense 13-day crisis, some Americans prepared for nuclear war by buying up canned goods and completing last-minute work on their backyard bomb shelters.

I was only 9 then, but I remember the tension in the air.  You could cut it with a knife….and I remember going to bed at night wondering if I would still be alive in the morning.  (I was a serious-minded kid!)

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  In 1995, before television was common in Fiji, Fijians thought the ideal body shape was round, plump, and soft. After three years of watching American shows such as Melrose Place and Beverley Hills 90210, girls in Fiji began developing eating disorders. Fijian females who watched TV three or more hours a night were 50% more likely to feel “too big” or “too fat” than those who watched less TV.


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