A bad hair day!


It’s sort of a standing joke, mostly with women, I think.  If they’ve had a bad day, they’ll sometimes say that they’ve had a “bad hair day.”  I guess that means that things didn’t go well and if they look a bit disheveled then they want you to give them a break.

I know lots of bald guys who never get to have a bad hair day.  They’re all BAD HAIR DAYS for them….unless they purposely shave their head.

When I go outside and the wind is blowing, my hair can get rather messy.  I have very thin, fine hair and I don’t use hair cream or hair spray or any of that stuff.  I haven’t since high school.  Perhaps the reason I stopped was that at the time I was using a liquid (something like Vitalis, I think) that was in a bottle.  One morning, a foster sister that lived with us (she was older than I), had somehow squeezed the juice out of an onion and put it into the bottle.  So, when I put the stuff on my hair, I smelled like an onion!  I’d slept in as long as I could so there wasn’t time enough to take another shower, so off to high school I went smelling like an onion!  (Never did forgive her for that!)

Anyway, this is my second oldest granddaughter and the other day we were all in the park and she was some distance away, shaking her head vigorously and her hair was flying all over the place.  I thought it might make for an interesting picture.  I’m sure she didn’t even know I was shooting her…and now, she’ll probably never forgive me!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY:  in 1971, Neil LaFeve, the game warden at Sensiba Wildlife Area in Wisconsin, was reported missing. When LaFeve, who was celebrating his 32nd birthday, did not show up to his own party, his wife called the police.

The next morning, authorities found LaFeve’s truck. A pool of blood and two .22-caliber shells lay nearby. LaFeve’s headless body had been buried in a shallow grave, and his severed head, which had two bullet wounds, revealed that he had been shot with a .22 shotgun.

Detectives immediately began investigating anyone who had a motive to kill the warden. Because LaFeve was known for harshly confronting poachers, everyone that had been arrested by him at the wildlife area was questioned. Those without solid alibis were asked to take a polygraph test. While this process took a long time and those involved grumbled, only Brian Hussong refused to take the test.

LaFeve had arrested Hussong several times for poaching, most recently for shooting pheasants illegally. After investigators received a court order enabling them to wiretap Hussong’s phone, a call to his grandmother, Agnes Hussong, broke open the case. Police heard Agnes say that Brian’s guns were well hidden. When they searched her home, she showed them the .22 rifle that was later proven to be the murder weapon.

At Hussong’s trial, his grandmother denied both the phone conversation and the encounter with the police, but the Michigan Voice Identification Unit verified that the voice on the wiretap tapes was indeed hers. After the impeachment of his grandmother’s testimony, Hussong did not stand much of a chance: He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1972.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  Shakespeare is buried near the altar of Holy Trinity Church, where he was baptized, in Stratford-upon Avon. The slabstone over his tomb includes the following inscription, believed to have been written by Shakespeare himself:

Good friend, for Jesus’ sake forebeare
To digg the dust enclosed heare;
Bleste be the man that spares thes stones,
And curst be he that moves my bones.


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