Joanie on the Pony!


The city of New Orleans is always full of surprises.  When we stopped there on our way across the country so that my Iowa cousin could see it and hear some jazz, we took at “hop-on, hop-off” tour.  We had a great tour guide on the bus – full of fascinating and interesting facts – and also blessed with a great sense of humor.

We saw so many places on the bus tour that took about 2-3 hours and we went all over the French quarter.  At one point, we came across the statue that you see in today’s photo (taken with my point-and-shoot).  It is a statue of Joan of Arc.  Our tour guide, however, introduced her to us, telling us that in New Orleans, everyone calls her “Joanie on the Pony”!  Giddyap!!!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY:  in 1965, the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) began arriving in South Vietnam at Qui Nhon, bringing U.S. troop strength in South Vietnam to more than 125,000. The unit, which had a long and storied history, was the first full U.S. Army division deployed to Vietnam. The division consisted of nine battalions of airmobile infantry, an air reconnaissance squadron, and six battalions of artillery. The division also included the 11th Aviation Group, made up of three aviation battalions consisting of 11 companies of assault helicopters, assault support helicopters, and gunships.

The division used a new concept by which the ground maneuver elements were moved around the battlefield by helicopters. Initially deployed to the II Corps area at Qui Nhon, the division took part in the first major engagement between U.S. and North Vietnamese forces during the Battle of the Ia Drang Valley fought in November, just two months after the division began arriving in Vietnam. Later, the division moved further north to I Corps in 1968 to relieve the embattled U.S. Marines at Hue during the Tet Offensive; in October of the same year, they redeployed to III Corps to conduct operations to protect Saigon; and in 1970, the division took part in the invasion of Cambodia and conducted operations in both III and IV Corps (the Mekong Delta). Thus, the 1st Cavalry Division, popularly known as the “First Team,” was the only American division to fight in all four corps tactical zones. The bulk of the division began departing Vietnam in late April 1970, but the 3rd Brigade remained until June 1972. The 1st Cavalry Division was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation and “First Team” soldiers won 25 Medals of Honor, 120 Distinguished Service Crosses, 2,766 Silver Stars, 2,697 Distinguished Flying Crosses, and 8,408 Bronze Stars for Valor.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Hershey’s produces over 80 million chocolate Kisses–every day.  That’s a lot of kisses!  XOXOXOXO


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