Taking Flight


You may have wondered why you didn’t get a photo-blog post yesterday.  But then again, maybe you didn’t.  You may have not even thought of it or even more to the point, you may have appreciated the break from the constant bombardment of that Dalrymple dude.

If the latter is the case, breathe easy.  You’ll have more days like that this week and early next!  I am traveling, hence the title and subject matter of today’s post – bird, obviously, on that can fly!  I wanted to let you know, dear friends, what’s up so you didn’t just think that I fell off the face of the earth (though I’m going to be traveling across a good bit of the face of this orb!)

As I write this, it is Monday evening, 9:10 p.m. EST and I am sitting in the Delta Airlines Sky Club (courtesy of my youngest son) while we await our next flight.  We flew here from Atlanta and have about a 3+ hour layover before our next flight to….(are you ready for this?!?!)… Israel.  (Not the best time go to, you say?  Yeah, probably not, but, when duty calls….)

Neither myself nor my son have been there before, and I’m going to help him with some project stuff related to his business (I worked in the high tech world for about 25 years).  We are fortunate in that we will have a couple of days to do some sight-seeing with our hosts, who seem like really wonderful people.  One of the best parts of it: neither my son nor I are having to pay for this trip!  His client is paying for it for the both of us.  How cool is that!

So, while I’m traveling and working, I may not be able to post very often.  But I plan to shoot lots of photos on our two days of sight-seeing.  We’ll be staying in a place right on the Mediterranean.

I’ll be in touch when I can…and hopefully will have some exciting photos to share when we get back.

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1943, the worst British bombing raid on Hamburg so far virtually set the city on fire, killing 42,000 German civilians.

On July 24, British bombers launched Operation Gomorrah, repeated bombing raids against Hamburg and its industrial and munitions plants. Sortie after sortie dropped fire from the sky, as thousands of tons of incendiary bombs destroyed tens of thousands of lives, buildings, and acreage. But the night of the 28th saw destruction unique in more than three years of bomb attacks: In just 43 minutes, 2,326 tons of bombs were dropped, creating a firestorm (a word that entered English parlance for the first time as a result of these events). Low humidity, a lack of fire-fighting resources (exhausted from battling blazes caused by the previous nights’ raids), and hurricane-level winds at the core of the storm literally fanned the flames, scorching eight square miles of Hamburg.

One British flight lieutenant recalled seeing “not many fires but one… I have never seen a fire like that before and was never to see its like again.” Despite the terrible loss of civilian life, there was  strange and awful irony: The horrific bombing runs affected Hitler’s war machine only marginally. It did more to wound the morale of the German people and its army officers than it did to the production of munitions, which was back running full speed within a matter of weeks.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  North Korea’s current leader Kim Jong-il is only 5′ 2” tall. He wears four-inch lifts in his shoes to compensate for his short stature.


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