…in the Canyon


There are few places that change their color as dramatically as the Grand Canyon throughout the passing hours of the day.  As part of the title for today’s post, I coined the phrase “Sun-seep” to describe the phenomenon.

This HDR photo (shot that way to capture more of the range of light present in the scene) was shot toward the end of the day as the sun was getting low in the west.  The image is looking primarily east/northeast, and the lighting was wonderful for photography (though it could have been better if it hadn’t been a thinly-clouded and hazy day).  This was taken toward the “golden hour” when the angle of the sun’s rays are warmer and slanted across the landscape rather than pointing mostly downward.  The light during mid-day is rather harsh and unforgiving, more white than golden.  That’s why photographers are often early to rise kinds of folks: the golden hour really happens twice each day – once just before/after sunrise and the other just before/after sunset.

I’m ready to go back and shoot some more!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY:  it was in 2005 that Carl Edward Roland, 41, wanted by police in connection with the murder of his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Gonzalez, spent his third day perched on a crane 18 stories above Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood.

Police in Pinellas County, Florida, discovered the badly beaten body of Gonzalez, 36, in a retention pond on May 24. She had been last seen with Roland, for whom police issued an arrest warrant after he did not return to his Clearwater, Florida, home. The next day, Roland showed up at an Atlanta construction site, where he told a worker he had “hurt someone” before taking the crane’s elevator up 18 stories and crawling out onto its horizontal arm.

For the next day three days, area business and traffic was disrupted while authorities attempted to convince Roland to come down. To keep him from falling asleep and off the crane, authorities positioned a bucket underneath him with a loud siren, which Roland eventually disassembled. Finally, after ignoring the authorities’ offers of food and water for more than 56 hours, Roland agreed to accept some water at about 12:30 a.m. on May 28. He edged toward police, who then tasered, tackled and restrained him. He was then wrapped onto a stretcher and lowered down the 350-foot crane. After a visit to a nearby hospital, Roland was taken to the Fulton County Jail to await extradition to Florida.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  Yellowstone covers 63 air miles (101 km) north to south and 54 air miles (84 km) east to west and is larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined.  It experiences 1000-3000 earthquakes daily as a large portion of the park is situated above a super-volcano (hence the hot springs, geysers, etc., that all help make the park a tourist attraction.)


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