Flower Power


They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  I don’t know if that’s true, but there are certain things that seem to appeal to women.  Chocolate is one!  Jewelry is another.  Flowers are almost always welcome, even when in the case of this five-year-old, they are dandelions.

Why is it that even a dandelion can so capture a young heart?  Is it that they don’t yet know enough to realize that a dandelion is typically considered more weed than flower?  All they see is that there is a flower on the end of a stem – they’re not into classifying things and grouping them and labeling them.  They just accept things as they are and find delight in them.

What a lesson for us grown-ups!  We seem to apply labels to everything and everyone.  Why do we do that?  Is it because we’ve been taught that we have to have everything in its proper place?  And who is it that decides what that “proper place” is?

I totally love the innocence of childhood.  I hope I never do anything to take an of it away from my grandchildren!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: With so much of the United States having just endured several major weather systems, I thought this was appropriate for today: a hail storm devastated the farming town of Moradabad, India, killing 230 people and many more farm animals on this day in 1888. Sixteen others died in nearby Bareilly.

In the Central Plains region of Uttar Pradesh, March and April are the prime seasons for hail. However, the hail storm that struck on April 30, 1888, was far more intense than usual and is now the stuff of legend in India. The hail was accompanied by strong winds that toppled many structures and homes in the area.

Although it occurred at midday, the storm brought clouds that were so dark and thick that people reported that it seemed like night. There was no warning system in place at the time, so the area’s many farmers were out working their fields when the storm began. Most of the victims died instantly when hail the size of oranges rained down from the sky, striking them. There were reports that the hail accumulated up to 2 feet high in some spots. Thousands of farm animals were also killed by the sudden hail storm.

More advanced meteorology and advance-warning systems now help to prevent such storms from taking so many lives.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Greece organized the first municipal dump in the Western world around 500 B.C.


One thought on “Flower Power

  1. The dandelion bit made me laugh, because I can personally relate. I used to love them, but when I became a teenager and my dad started putting me on weeds & seeds detail I hated the dang now-weed dandelions!

    Ha, got a chuckle out of your story Galen. Thanks.

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