Swamp Creatures


It sits where it has sat for years now, the passenger side and front end partially submerged in a Georgia pond in the middle of the woods.  How long it has been stationed there on its lonely vigil I have no way of knowing.  How long it will last is another question entirely.

I looked at it and pictured snakes and alligators patrolling the ground and waters around the abandoned car, puzzled at this intruder into their domain.  Who was this huge interloper into their world?  Why had it come?  What was it doing there?  Was it going to harm them in some way?  Or, would they have to band together and drive this metallic monster away?

I almost could imagine that the car was a transformer of sorts, or at the very least, a sentinel, stationed there to keep the darker denizens of the watery world away from humanity.  At night, in the dark of a moonless night, does it change shape and patrol the woods, forcing sinister creatures back to their own world and away from the world of humans?

I guess we will never know, for surely if we were there at the witching hour, it would seem to appear as nothing more than a cast-off pile of metal and fabrics with no possible value to anyone or anything other than to stir our imaginations and fancies.  But we can imagine…

Shot at Old Car City, White, Georgia.

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY:  in 1865, the Rebel capital of Richmond, Virginia, fell to Union forces, the most significant sign that the Confederacy is nearing its final days.

For ten months, General Ulysses S. Grant had tried unsuccessfully to infiltrate the city. After Lee made a desperate attack against Fort Stedman along the Union line on March 25, Grant prepared for a major offensive. He struck at Five Forks on April 1, crushing the end of Lee’s line southwest of Petersburg. On April 2, the Yankees struck all along the Petersburg line, and the Confederates collapsed.

On the evening of April 2, the Confederate government fled the city with the army right behind. Now, on the morning of April 3, blue-coated troops entered the capital. Richmond was the holy grail of the Union war effort, the object of four years of campaigning. Tens of thousands of Yankee lives were lost trying to get it, and nearly as many Confederate lives lost trying to defend it.

Now, the Yankees came to take possession of their prize. One resident, Mary Fontaine, wrote, “I saw them unfurl a tiny flag, and I sank on my knees, and the bitter, bitter tears came in a torrent.” Another observer wrote that as the Federals rode in, the city’s black residents were “completely crazed, they danced and shouted, men hugged each other, and women kissed.” Among the first forces into the capital were black troopers from the 5th Massachusetts Cavalry, and the next day President Abraham Lincoln visited the city. For the residents of Richmond, these were symbols of a world turned upside down. It was, one reporter noted, “…too awful to remember, if it were possible to be erased, but that cannot be.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  When it comes time to give birth, the female shark loses her appetite so she won’t be tempted to eat her own pups.  Aren’t you glad that your mom wasn’t a shark?


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