As one is westbound on Highway 20 just a bit after leaving Canton, GA, sits an old house on the southern side of the road.  I do not know how old the house is, nor how long it has sat silently, empty and devoid of inhabitants.  No longer to echoes of voices sound within these walls nor lights brighten the interior.

The outside of the house hasn’t fared any better.  The weather has beaten it into submission and the sun and rain have battered it mercilessly.  It will never see inhabitants of the human kind again.

Things that are in the Georgia woods do not fare well as the land has a penchant to reclaim what has been left behind and abandoned.  The house in today’s photo is no exception.  It is surrounded on all four sides by overgrown that I worked my way through very carefully (much of the undergrowth, in this case, had stickers!) to get some of these pictures and even then my jeans got snagged by the spiny things!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY:  On this day in 1865, President Abraham Lincoln meets with Union generals Ulysses S. Grant and William T. Sherman at City Point, Virginia, to plot the last stages of the Civil War.

Lincoln went to Virginia just as Grant was preparing to attack Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s lines around Petersburg and Richmond, an assault that promised to end the siege that had dragged on for 10 months. Meanwhile, Sherman’s force was steamrolling northward through the Carolinas. The three architects of Union victory convened for the first time as a group–Lincoln and Sherman had never met—at Grant’s City Point headquarters at the general-in-chief’s request.

As part of the trip, Lincoln went to the Petersburg lines and witnessed a Union bombardment and a small skirmish. Prior to meeting with his generals, the president also reviewed troops and visited wounded soldiers. Once he sat down with Grant and Sherman, Lincoln expressed concern that Lee might escape Petersburg and flee to North Carolina, where he could join forces with Joseph Johnston to forge a new Confederate army that could continue the war for months. Grant and Sherman assured the president the end was in sight. Lincoln emphasized to his generals that any surrender terms must preserve the Union war aims of emancipation and a pledge of equality for the freed slaves.

After meeting with Admiral David Dixon Porter on March 28, the president and his two generals went their separate ways. Less than four weeks later, Grant and Sherman had secured the surrender of the Confederacy.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  Moonquakes, which originate several miles below the moon’s surface, may be a result of Earth’s gravitational pull. Engineers say these quakes could become a factor if lunar bases are ever built on the moon.


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