I See You!!!


I don’t know who invented the children’s game, “Peek-a-Boo”, but I suppose that just about every American parent has played that game, or one very much like it, with their kid.  In fact, we make absolute fools of ourselves playing that game.  We sound like idiots…but you know what, we just don’t care, do we?

Well, this little critter, has become beloved all over the country due to the show, Meerkat Manor.  I came around a corner at the Atlanta zoo and there it was, sitting atop this fake kind of stump, staring right at me.  I think it may be the first time I’ve seen a meerkat in person.  I do have to admit, it and it’s fellow enclosure mates were pretty doggone cute!  I can see why they’ve found many followers!!!!

I wonder if meerkats make good pets, or if they are a bit on the mean side? Anyone have experience with them? (I mean, check out the claws on this beast!!!!  It either badly needs a manicure, or they have nasty looking sharpies on the end of their paws!)

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY:  after successfully capturing British positions in Louisiana and Mississippi, Spanish General Bernardo de Galvez, commander of the Spanish forces in North America, turned his attention to the British-occupied city of Pensacola, Florida, on this day in 1781. General Galvez and a Spanish naval force of more than 40 ships and 3,500 men landed at Santa Rosa Island and begin a two-month siege of British occupying forces that becomes known as the Battle of Pensacola.

Galvez’s flotilla survived a hurricane in harbor before initiating two months of constant artillery and cannon bombardment of the British forts. By April 23, reinforcements had arrived, increasing Galvez’s total force to 7,800 and, on the morning of May 8, 1781, the 18-year British occupation of Pensacola, Florida, ended with a British surrender. The British lost 105 men; the Spanish lost 78. An additional 198 Spaniards were wounded. Spain took 1,113 prisoners and sent 300 Britons to Georgia on the promise that they would not reenter the British military.

Spain never officially signed an alliance with the American revolutionaries, as King Charles III was hesitant about the precedent he might be starting by encouraging the population of another empire to overthrow their monarch. However, Spain also wanted to regain Gibraltar in the Mediterranean and solidify control of its North American holdings, so it allied itself to France in the international war against Britain. As a result, Spain regained West Florida during the fighting and East Florida, which it exchanged for the Bahamas, in the final peace. Though Gibraltar remained in British control, Spain held all the land surrounding the Gulf of Mexico.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  Other planets and moons in our solar system have volcanoes, but they do not have mountain ranges like Earth’s because only Earth has plate tectonics.


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