Meltdown. When you hear the term you may recall (if you are old enough) the movie China Syndrome. Or, for those a bit younger, you may recall Three Mile Island or Chernobyl, or for those who are still younger, the Fukushima reactor that went critical after the earthquake/tsunami.  Others may think of an emotional meltdown. No matter which of those images come to mind, it’s not a pleasant image.

Well, there are exceptions. A week ago Tuesday (2/19), we got hit here in Georgia with another snowstorm and as of today, we still have some snow on the ground, but not much and only in shady places. Believe me, people around here are hoping that they’ve seen the last of snow until at least next winter! Alas, such is not the case in much of the north and northeast where there is still a ton of snow and more is falling. However, even on the national news tonight, they were talking about how higher temps will hit the region causing rapid meltdown of the ice and snow…and they were talking about possible flooding!!!!

But, the meltdown has begun and is nearly over. As we were driving out of where we are staying, I noticed a small creek…probably mostly carved by rainwater or melting snow, that I thought looked intriguing. It presented a bit of a challenge because of the contrast between the shadowy areas which were darker and the patches of snow that were in the sunlight and shade, and the darkness of the shadows along the creek bed. As a result, I shot it as an HDR image and today’s photo is the result. 

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1968, American officials in Saigon reported an all-time high (for the Vietnam war) weekly rate of U.S. casualties–543 killed in action and 2,547 wounded in the previous seven days. These losses were a result of the heavy fighting during the communist Tet Offensive. What a terrible loss of promising young lives and potential. Those who have only known the wars in Iraq struggle to understand that kind of carnage.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  Jeri Ryan, the actress who played Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager turned down the role four times.


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