Snowmageddon 2

_MG_8957This is Snowdog. Actually, it’s the first time she has ever been in snow. She is visible (I’d wondered) and she loved it! She was so excited and jumping and leaping!  Doesn’t seem to mind the cold. Doesn’t seem to mind getting wet.

Back in 2011 there was another snow storm in the Atlanta area and it has been dubbed “Snowmageddon”.  Now to those of you who live in Alaska, Minnesota, and other frozen parts of the country where snow is common, you probably laugh at the idea of a snowfall of 3 inches or so gumming up the works.  But that’s what’s happened here today.

The Metro Atlanta area has 50 plows (that’s what I heard on the news), but Atlanta is spread out over 23 counties, so it’s about 2 buses per county. No salt to put on the roads, or apparently no sand, either. Several schools have hundreds of kids who can’t get home – and they’re talking about kids staying overnight at the schools. Parents can’t get home from work to get their kids. People can’t get home to take care of their pets.

Lesson: two-to-three inches of snow in a major metropolitan area that isn’t used to snow is DEBILITATING. Tomorrow is not supposed to break freezing, so this will last a while. I bet that all the schools are shut down tomorrow (once they can get the kids out and home) and that most offices and businesses will be, too.  Businesses started shutting down about 1 this afternoon so people could get home, but it only made the traffic worse.

But, Lucy loves the snow.  It is beautiful!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1917, American forces were recalled from Mexico after nearly 11 months of fruitless searching for Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa, accused of leading a bloody raid against Columbus, New Mexico.

In 1914, following the resignation of Mexican leader Victoriano Huerta, Pancho Villa and his former revolutionary ally Venustiano Carranza battled each other in a struggle for succession. By the end of 1915, Villa had been driven north into the mountains, and the U.S. government recognized General Carranza as the president of Mexico.

In January 1916, to protest President Woodrow Wilson’s support for Carranza, Villa executed 16 U.S. citizens at Santa Isabel in northern Mexico. Then, on March 9, 1916, Villa led a band of several hundred guerrillas across the border and raided the town of Columbus, killing 17 Americans. U.S. troops pursued the Mexicans, killing 50 on U.S. soil and 70 more in Mexico.

On March 15, under orders from President Wilson, U.S. Brigadier General John J. Pershing launched a punitive expedition into Mexico to capture Villa dead or alive. For the next 11 months, Pershing, like Carranza, failed to capture the elusive revolutionary and Mexican resentment over the U.S. intrusion into their territory led to a diplomatic crisis. On June 21, the crisis escalated into violence when Mexican government troops attacked Pershing’s forces at Carrizal, Mexico, leaving 17 Americans killed or wounded, and 38 Mexicans dead. In late January 1917, having failed in their mission to capture Villa and under pressure from the Mexican government, the Americans were ordered home.

Villa continued his guerrilla activities in northern Mexico until Adolfo de la Huerta took power over the government and drafted a reformist constitution. Villa entered into an amicable agreement with Huerta and agreed to retire from politics. In 1920, the government pardoned Villa, but three years later he was assassinated at Parral.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  If one identical twin is diagnosed with autism, the other twin has about a 90% chance of developing an autistic disorder. Why? Don’t ask me…I’ve not got a clue as it would seem that if they are identical, they both would have it.


2 thoughts on “Snowmageddon 2

  1. Oh what fun for her then and Candi just goes nuts when we get lowland snow and we have twice this winter so far.

    Here ( Washington State ) when the weather even thinks it might snow EVERYTHING everywhere is all geared up for it and everyone knows what to do IF they have to be out in it. I feel sorry for all those folks who got slammed with this horrible weather and were unprepared ☹ Looks like our climates have shifted some!!! Holly

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    1. Yep…and the people here in Georgia are NOT prepared for this kind of thing, nor is the government at any level here. They do better with hurricanes than snow!

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