When Dreams Die

_MG_8751Yesterday I shared a photo of an abandoned Ford sitting alongside a gravel lane in rural Georgia and I said it was close to an apparently abandoned house that has fallen into disrepair.  Today’s photo is of a portion of that house.

I say that it was an “apparently” abandoned house because there were things in the windows that were visible from a distance.  As a result, I didn’t get too close to the house and shot the pictures I took with an 18-270mm telephoto zoom on a tripod (for the most part).

As I looked at this house I could help but wonder what happened to the people who had lived in it.  Did they fall ill? Was it a single person who lived there who died with no family to clean up the place? Was it someone who lost their job and was forced to go somewhere else in a hurry – and leave so many things behind inside the house? From the looks of the windows, it seemed as if things were piled up inside, as if the tenant had been a hoarder.

No matter what happened, it was sad. Someone lived in this house at one time and they hoped hopes and dreamed dreams just like the rest of us. Dreams are fragile things…sometimes all it takes is a soft whisper to destroy them.

Treat one another’s dreams as tenderly as you’d want someone to treat yours! It is hard to live without dreams…

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY:  in 1978, Richard Chase, who became known as the “Dracula Killer,” murdered Evelyn Miroth and Daniel Meredith, as well as Miroth’s 6-year-old son and another woman, in Sacramento, California. Chase sexually assaulted Miroth with a knife before killing her and mutilating her body. He removed some of the organs of the body and filled them with blood before taking them with him. Meredith was found shot in the head.

The previous year, the 28-year-old Chase had been found in a field, naked and covered in cow’s blood. His behavior did not come as a complete surprise to those who knew him. As a child, he had been known to kill animals, drinking the blood of a bird on one occasion. He had been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for most of his life. A year prior to the killings, Chase was released because his psychiatrist found that Chase had a handle on his problems.

Upon his arrest, police found that Chase’s home was filled with human blood. It was found in the blender and in the sinks, suggesting that Chase had been drinking it for some time.

In 1979, Chase went to trial and his attorney argued that he was insane. However, a jury found that he was sane, convicted him of six counts of first-degree murder and sentenced him to death. Chase killed himself in his cell at San Quentin on December 26,1980.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: The world’s worst landslide started by an earthquake occurred in 1920 in the Kansu province in China. The landslide killed about 200,000 people.


4 thoughts on “When Dreams Die

  1. I liked this picture and the untold story behind it. I found it fascinating that the house was held up in the corners by stacked rocks. Interesting choice of foundation, don’cha think??

  2. I think you should write a post about the history of that house with lots of pictures. :-D

    If you’re really interested… Do you have the address? You can look up ownership for free in the county tax records. You can also reverse look-up addresses on Google Maps. I hope this doesn’t sound creepy, I just have experience researching abandoned structures. ;-)

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