Shenanigan’s Irish Pub

_MG_8688Every once in a while you come across something that is a very pleasant surprise. I like food…I love to eat. But I’ve got to tell you that since I’m not wealthy and don’t eat at the fanciest places (how many ways can you disguise a McDonald’s?), all the chicken sandwiches in the world tend to taste the same after a while. Salad is salad. A burger is, by and large, a burger no matter where you buy it.

So, I have a hard time getting too excited about going out to eat (unless it is steak, which I am only supposed to eat maybe twice a year).  Once in a while, though, you come a cross a place where the food is good and enjoyable. And, if you’re really lucky, the ambiance of the place makes it downright delightful.

In the town of Dahlonega, GA, there is a place called Shenaningan’s Irish Pub. It’s in the downstairs part of a rather large building off the northeast(?) corner of the town square. They have the stuff you’d expect to find at an Irish pub (fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, bangers and mash, and Irish brews including, of course, Guinness – which I can’t stand). The fish and chips was very tasty (at least the fish – and their own home-made tartar sauce is to die for!), but the chips left something to be desired in my opinion. Still, Id recommend the fish and chips!

But what made it interesting is that there were dollar bills attached to the walls and ceiling. I mean, there were dollar bills ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!  There must be a fortune in there and previous diners have written notes on them about where they are from or their dining experience or who they loved at that moment in time.

Today’s picture shows one small section of the wall. I was tempted, but no – I didn’t take any money from the wall!

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: it was in 1959 that Carl Dean Switzer, the actor who as a child played “Alfalfa” in the Our Gang comedy film series, died at 31 in a fight, allegedly about money, in a Mission Hills, California, home. Alfalfa, the freckle-faced boy with a warbling singing voice and a cowlick protruding from the top of his head, was Switzer’s best-known role.

Switzer, born August 7, 1927, entertained people in his hometown of Paris, Illinois,  as a child with his singing. While visiting California, his mom took him and his brother to the Hal Roach Studios, a film and television production company that launched the careers of comedy legends like Laurel and Hardy. The Switzer brothers were signed by Hal Roach and Carl was cast as Alfalfa in the Our Gang series, which Roach began producing as silent films in the early ’20’s.

Our Gang revolved around a group of ragtag children and their adventures. Along with Alfalfa, other popular characters included Spanky, Buckwheat and Darla. Our Gang was considered groundbreaking in that it featured white and black child actors interacting equally. Switzer played Alfalfa from the mid-1930s to the early 1940s. In 1955, the Our Gang films were turned into a hugely popular TV series called The Little Rascals; however, Switzer never received any royalties from the show.

After Our Gang, Switzer found small roles in movies and on television, but his most successful days in Hollywood were behind him. On January 21, 1959, Switzer and a friend went to the Mission Hills home of Moses “Bud” Stiltz, to collect a debt Switzer believed he was owed. A fight broke out, during which Stiltz shot and killed Switzer. A jury later ruled the incident justifiable homicide.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  Twenty-five million people die each year from contaminated water. That is the entire population of Canada.


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