One of Those Days?

I’ve had them.  I know you have, too.  We all have.  The question is  how many of “those days” have we had?  If you’re like me, you could probably retire if you had a nickel for each of those kinds of days in your life, right?

Actually, I can’t complain.  My life has been extraordinarily blessed.  I’m tremendously fortunate.  I’m not rich, but compared to so many in this world, I’m far, far from poor.  Still, some days are, well, just lousy!

At the car show in Livermore, CA, we were walking along enjoying the beautiful cars that were on display when we came across this scene that is today’s featured picture.  Along one side of this car was a ceramic or plaster pooch that was helping himself to one of the tires.  Do your lousy days make you feel like the tire in this picture?

Well, today is Thursday.  Tomorrow is Friday….so cheer up!  For most of you, the week is almost over, the weekend right around the corner.  Make tomorrow a good day!  Don’t let any dogs get near your leg….!!!!

_MG_6568From THIS DAY IN HISTORY: On this day in 1901, a 63-year-old schoolteacher named Annie Edson Taylor became the first person to take the plunge over Niagara Falls in a barrel.

After her husband died in the Civil War, the New York-born Taylor moved all over the U. S. before settling in Bay City, Michigan, around 1898. In July 1901, while reading an article about the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, she learned of the growing popularity of two enormous waterfalls located on the border of upstate New York and Canada. Strapped for cash and seeking fame, Taylor came up with the perfect attention-getting stunt: she would go over Niagara Falls in a barrel.

Taylor was not the first person to attempt the plunge over the famous falls. In October 1829, Sam Patch, known as the Yankee Leaper, survived jumping down the 175-foot Horseshoe Falls of the Niagara River, on the Canadian side of the border. More than 70 years later, Taylor chose to take the ride on her birthday, October 24. (She claimed she was in her 40s, but genealogical records later showed she was 63.) With the help of two assistants, Taylor strapped herself into a leather harness inside an old wooden pickle barrel five feet high and three feet in diameter. With cushions lining the barrel to break her fall, Taylor was towed by a small boat into the middle of the fast-flowing Niagara River and cut loose.

Knocked violently from side to side by the rapids and then propelled over the edge of Horseshoe Falls, Taylor reached the shore alive, if a bit battered, around 20 minutes after her journey began. After a brief flurry of photo-ops and speaking engagements, Taylor’s fame cooled, and she was unable to make the fortune for which she had hoped. She did, however, inspire a number of copy-cat daredevils. Between 1901 and 1995, 15 people went over the falls; 10 of them survived. Among those who died were Jesse Sharp, who took the plunge in a kayak in 1990, and Robert Overcracker, who used a jet ski in 1995. No matter the method, going over Niagara Falls is illegal, and survivors face charges and stiff fines on either side of the border.  (Galen: some folks are just plain nuts!!!!  And those who went over the falls and died or were injured, were just more examples of people having “really bad days”!

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  Television’s Mr. Ed was played by a horse named Bamboo Harvester. The voice was supplied by Allan Lane.



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