Have you ever gone to a movie theater to watch a movie and the stinkin’ projection is out of focus?  Aargh!  I HATE that!  And it seems that nobody in the projection booth (I don’t know if they even have those things anymore) seems to care!  Of course, at my age, I need to consider whether the problem is with my eyes, my prescription, or the projectionist – but either way, I hate it when things aren’t in clear focus.

It happens not just with pictures, but with thinking, too.  We talk about the ability to “stay focused” on what it is that we’re doing or thinking.  We hate interruptions that pull us away from those things (that is, unless what we’re doing isn’t fun!) because we lose focus and have to backtrack a bit to get to where we were before the interruption occurred.

One thing I’ve learned: never get in the way of a woman who is trying to get into a sale for a new handbag or pair of shoes.  It can be deadly!  Of course, us men have no such issues, right guys?  (Let’s not talk about when someone gets between us and the TV screen at a crucial moment in the game!)

Today’s picture is of my 2 year old grand daughter (today is her birthday, actually – so happy birthday Half-Pint!)  I took this picture last Thursday at Tom Sawyer’s Island in Disney World in Florida.  I don’t know if she’d ever seen a checker board before or not, but boy is she intent on what she’s doing!  If she has that kind of focus and determination when she goes shopping when she’s older, look out….step aside…and you just may live to see another sunrise!

_MG_5938ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: On September 17, 1976, NASA publicly unveiled its first space shuttle, the Enterprise, during a ceremony in Palmdale, California. Development of the aircraft-like spacecraft cost almost $10 billion and took nearly a decade. In 1977, the Enterprise became the first space shuttle to fly freely when it was lifted to a height of 25,000 feet by a Boeing 747 airplane and then released, gliding back to Edwards Air Force Base on its own accord.

Regular flights of the space shuttle began on April 12, 1981, with the launching of Columbia from Cape Canaveral. Launched by two solid-rocket boosters and an external tank, only the aircraft-like shuttle entered into orbit around Earth. When the two-day mission was completed, the shuttle fired engines to reduce speed and, after descending through the atmosphere, landed like a glider at California’s Edwards Air Force Base.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: Several poison-dart frog species are bred at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. There, researchers gauge the toxicity of poisonous species by taste. No danger is posed, because frogs caught in the wild gradually become less poisonous, and captive offspring are nontoxic. The change may be due to diet. The frog’s natural menu — mostly tropical ants and springtails — cannot be duplicated in a terrarium.


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