It’s Weekend Time!

OK, I know it’s Friday.  I know what you did today.  All day long you kept glancing at your watch, thinking to yourself: “Only another 6-12 hours!”  “Only another 6 hours!”  “Only 5 hours!”  “Only 4 hours and 59 minutes!”  And you did that all day long, just waiting for the symbolic “whistle” to blow so you are free to cavort and frolic through the weekend!

My advice: go for it!  It’s been a long stressful week with work, planning, political and world unrest, passionate feelings about what’s going on and what should or shouldn’t go on.  If you are like me, you’re ready for a break.  And so, today I treat you with this photo to help you get started on your weekend:

weekendON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1522, one of Ferdinand Magellan’s five ships–the Vittoria–arrived back at SanlÚcar de Barrameda in Spain, thus completing the first circumnavigation of the world. The Vittoria was commanded by Basque navigator Juan SebastiÁn de Elcano, who took charge of the vessel after the murder of Magellan in the Philippines in April 1521. During a long, hard journey home, the people on the ship suffered from starvation, scurvy, and harassment by Portuguese ships. Only Elcano, 17 other Europeans, and four Indians survived to reach Spain in September 1522.

Magellan left Spain on September 20, 1519, in an effort to find a western sea route to the rich Spice Islands of Indonesia, accompanied by a fleet of five ships and 270 men.  At the end of March 1520, the expedition set up winter quarters at Port St. Julian. On Easter day at midnight, the Spanish captains mutinied against their Portuguese captain, but Magellan crushed the revolt, executing one of the captains and leaving another ashore when his ship left St. Julian in August.  On March 6, 1521, the expedition landed at the island of Guam.

Ten days later, they dropped anchor at the Philippine island of Cebu–they were only about 400 miles from the Spice Islands. Magellan met with the chief of Cebú, who after converting to Christianity persuaded the Europeans to assist him in conquering a rival tribe on the neighboring island of Mactan. In subsequent fighting on April 27, Magellan was hit by a poisoned arrow and left to die by his retreating comrades.

After Magellan’s death, the survivors, in two ships, sailed on to the Moluccas and loaded the hulls with spice. One ship attempted, unsuccessfully, to return across the Pacific. The other ship, the Vittoria, continued west under the command of Juan SebastiÁn de Elcano. The vessel sailed across the Indian Ocean, rounded the Cape of Good Hope, and arrived at the Spanish port of SanlÚcar de Barrameda, becoming the first ship to ever circumnavigate the globe.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: The average surface temperature of the outer planets – Uranus, Neptune, Pluto – is about -364°F, 11 times colder than inside a home freezer.  Blanket, anyone?



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