Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? is a 1962 American movie in the genre of psychological thrillers, and was based on a novel of the same name.  The movie starred Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.  In 2003, the character of Baby Jane Hudson was ranked #44 on the American Film Institute’s list of the 50 best villains of American Cinema.

The film’s success led to the birth of the “psycho-biddy” sub-genre of horror/thriller films featuring psychotic older women, including other movies such as  Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte and Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice?  The film was remade in 1991 as a television movie that starred real-life sisters Vanessa and Lynn Redgrave.

TV Guide awarded the film four stars, calling it “Star wars, trenchantly served” and adding, “If it sometimes looks like a poisonous senior citizen show with over-the-top spoiled ham, just try to look away … As in the best Hitchcock movies, suspense, rather than actual mayhem, drives the film.”

I remember seeing it and thinking that Bette Davis was probably the scariest actress on the planet.  I never could see her in another role and see her differently!

I think, however, that I ran across a clue as to what happened with baby Jane when I was at the flea market on Treasure Island.  Today’s photo will explain it without any further words from me….

_MG_4899ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1776,British forces under General William Howe and his brother, Admiral Richard viscount Howe, defeated Patriot forces under General George Washington at the Battle of Brooklyn Heights in New York.

On August 22, Howe’s large army landed on Long Island, hoping to capture New York City and gain control of the Hudson River, a victory that would divide the rebellious colonies in half. On August 27, the Redcoats marched against the Patriot position at Brooklyn Heights, overcoming the Americans at Gowanus Pass and then outflanking the entire Continental Army. The Americans suffered 1,000 casualties to the British loss of only 400 men during the fighting. After the victory, Howe chose not to follow the advice of his subordinates and did not storm the Patriot redoubts at Brooklyn Heights, where he could have taken the Patriots’ military leadership prisoner and ended the rebellion.

General Washington ordered a retreat to Manhattan by boat. The British could easily have prevented this retreat and captured most of the Patriot officer corps, including Washington. Howe, however, still hoped to convince the Americans to rejoin the British empire in the wake of the humiliating defeat, instead of forcing the former colonies into submission after executing Washington and his officers as traitors. On September 11, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and other congressional representatives reopened negotiations with the Howes on Staten Island. The negotiations fell through when the British refused to accept American independence.

The British captured New York City on September 15; it would remain in British hands until the end of the war. – History.com

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: When a shrimp is first born, it is male, and it gradually evolves to female as it matures.  (NOTE from Galen: this was not true in my case, though all my basketball playing buddies say I’m a shrimp, I’ve been a male all my life!  But then again, maybe I’ll just be a late bloomer!)




3 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

  1. I never knew that about a shrimp! GEEZ!!! What if the boy shrimp would rather stay a boy? How in the heck does that help anyway? What about mating? Do they not need to since they were once a male? I could ask a lot of questions about this deal! Well, I am happy to be a male and at 52, I certainly don’t plan on changing. And I would run if I met a gal who used to be a guy!

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