Where in the world was Galen?

Now, I dare you to take a look at this picture and tell where I was when it was taken.

This just goes to illustrate that you never really know what your eyes are seeing or what to believe.

This afternoon, someone posted on Facebook the top 35 craziest things people through were real which were written and released by The Onion, a sarcastic organization that comments on life and makes us strange stories that appear on the web from time to time.  It was amazing…that is, assuming it wasn’t The Onion itself that did it as just another “spoof”!

But, gullibility seems to have no bounds when it comes to what we read and see and believe.  Judgment, good people, exercise judgment, please!

Oh, yeah…though this might make you think I was in Dublin (either Ireland or California or ????), I was really in Bangalore, India and this picture was taken inside of a hotel lobby.  It was shot a year ago this past June.  Let’s not jump to conclusions now, hear?

_MG_8920ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1975,Viking 1, an unmanned U.S. planetary probe, is launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on a mission to Mars.

On June 19, 1976, the spacecraft entered into orbit around Mars and devoted the next month to imaging the Martian surface with the purpose of finding an appropriate landing site for its lander. On July 20–the seventh anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing–the Viking 1 lander separated from the orbiter and touched down on the Chryse Planitia region, becoming the first spacecraft to successfully land on the surface of Mars. The same day, the craft sent back the first close-up photographs of the rust-colored Martian surface.

In September 1976, Viking 2–launched only three weeks after Viking 1–entered into orbit around Mars, where it assisted Viking 1 in imaging the surface and also sent down a lander. During the dual Viking missions, the two orbiters imaged the entire surface of Mars at a resolution of 150 to 300 meters, and the two landers sent back more than 1,400 images of the planet’s surface.


TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  In the famous Parker Brothers game Monopoly, the space on which a player has the greatest statistical chance of landing is Illinois Avenue. This is followed by the B&O Railroad, Free Parking, Tennessee Avenue, New York Avenue, and the Reading Railroad.  (Don’t ask me to explain how any one of those squares has more of a chance than any other!)



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