Isn’t it interesting the way there are so many differences between people?  I was pondering this today.  Why do some people like sweet pickles and others dill?  Why do some folks like chocolate instead of vanilla?  Why, for Pete’s sake, do some folks like cats instead of the much better pet, a dog?

Why do some folks root for the Giants, or Cowboys instead of the Dodgers or Dolphins?  Why are some people early risers – that strange species of early morning creatures – while others are night people who can barely get up in the morning?  Some like Coke and others Pepsi.

Some say “po-tay-toe” and others “po-tah-toe” or “to-may-toe” or “to-mah-to”.  Some like mountains and and some like rivers.

Some like red, others like blue.  My favorite colors are orange and purple, so when I saw these flowers/plants in Santa Cruz, my shutter finger got busy.

ColorsON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: Francisco Pizarro, Spanish conqueror of Peru, was assassinated in his palace in Lima in 1541.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: The first commercial vacuum cleaner was so large it was mounted on a wagon. People threw parties in their homes so guests could watch the new device do its job.


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