A Place to Rest

I’m sure that none of the rest of my friends are like this, but now that I’m older than I used to be, I find myself getting tired more often.  I have never been a nap-taker (and I still am not a nap-taker), but I must confess that the idea of a nap sometimes sounds rather appealing.

There are times when I am out with my wife and she’s wandering through the mall or a large store and I will seek out a place to sit down and just rest while she’s perusing the displays and wares for sale.  I mean, if you can’t nap, you might as well sit, right?

There is a jewelry store in Mendocino that my wife absolutely loves.  It is on the main drag as you head toward the ocean and it is fairly well toward the end of the street.  One of the reasons she loves it so much is that they sell Holly Yashi jewelry (which, probably, is my wife’s favorite – especially when it comes to earrings).  So, that is one of two stores where we must stop every time we go.  The other one is a chocolate shop (of course, she’s a woman, what can I say?)  The good news about the chocolate shop is that once she gets there, she knows what she wants and she goes straight for the jugular and within minutes she’s walking out of the store.  The jewelry store, however, is another matter.

Fortunate for me, they have benches outside the front door when a poor soul like me can sit and bide their time until the little woman emerges from the store.  As I sat on one of the benches in the shade this last time, there was another bench diagonally across from me that was partly in shade, partly in sun.  I thought it might be interesting, so I shot it.  It is today’s photo.

For all you men out there who need to wait while your wife/girlfriend is in a store, take advantage of such seating places as often as you can.  You never know how long they may be in the store!

RestBenchON THIS DAY IN HISTORY:  in 1611, English navigator Henry Hudson, famous for attempting to find a route from Europe to Asia via the Arctic Ocean, was set adrift in Hudson Bay by mutineers, on his ship Discovery; he was never seen again. Some think he, Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa went into business together.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: In 1939, the U.S. Treasury Department reported that actor Gary Cooper was the nation’s top wage earner. That year he earned $482,819.   My, how times have changed!



One thought on “A Place to Rest

  1. I still love Gary Cooper movies he was a little strange though he was not as affectionate to woman as other actors were. And Hudson I bet sank in the Arctic somewhere! That chair is welcoming and I am glad Wally world has them and other places If you treat your customers right they will come back If you can get them off the chairs and out the doors:)

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