She’s My Sister!

It was a good number of years ago now (1969) that the Hollies released their hit song, He Ain’t Heavy (He’s My Brother).  It went like this:

The road is long
With many a winding turn
That leads us to who knows where
Who knows when
But I’m strong
Strong enough to carry him
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

So on we go
His welfare is of my concern
No burden is he to bear
We’ll get there
For I know
He would not encumber me
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

If I’m laden at all
I’m laden with sadness
That everyone’s heart
Isn’t filled with the gladness
Of love for one another

It’s a long, long road
From which there is no return
While we’re on the way to there
Why not share
And the load
Doesn’t weigh me down at all
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

He’s my brother
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother…

The song has a plaintive wholeness to it that is just very appealing.  The idea of helping to carry our brother/sister, of helping them along life’s pathway, is healing – especially today when everyone seems to be in the journey only for themselves and not for others.

In Africa, it is very common to see young children carrying younger siblings on their back or in their arms.  It is a precious sight, and when I saw this young girl carrying her younger sister in the traditional African way, the song leaped into mind immediately.

When we help to carry those we love, it doesn’t seem to be much of a burden at all.  The problem is we are too selective about those we love.  We are to not just love those who love us, but to love our neighbor as we love ourselves, and as Jesus said, to even love our enemies.  My guess is that He was on to something there that if we were able to live it out, would turn enemies into friends more often than not.

_MG_1160ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: 1812 – The United States issued a declaration of war on Great Britain beginning the War of 1812. The war was declared because of Britain’s violations of America’s rights on the high seas and the involvement of the British in Indian uprisings on the American frontiers.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: your tongue is the only muscle in your body that is attached at only one end.



One thought on “She’s My Sister!

  1. And there are times that no matter what you do your enemies just get worst and want to take advantage of your kindness,but it is true we should love everyone and treat all people with respect,but I have a hard time doing this to those who hurt others and take advantage of them.:( Please pray for me.

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