Just Kickin’ It on Father’s Day

I don’t know about you, but I had a delightful Father’s Day.  The only thing missing was my father, who passed on in 1998.  How I wish I could have called him or gone to see him today and just sat and talked.  Life, however, moves on and he’s no longer here.  I was fortunate.  My dad was the finest man I’ve known.  Was he perfect?  No.  But they just don’t make dads any better than the one I had who raised me.  So, even though you’re not here today, dad, this one is for you: Happy Father’s Day!

It was a relaxing day overall.  In the afternoon, our firstborn, our oldest son, arrived with his family and we ate BBQ and hung out for several hours.  It is such a delight to see your sons grow up to be the best father’s you know.  And my son-in-law is the finest “dad” to our oldest granddaughter that there could possibly be.  I am so blessed by my kids and their spouses.  Every single one of them a true, priceless gem!

Along the northern California seacoast there are many gems, but one of the best is the area around Mendocino.  I’ve shared many pictures from there before and today I’m sharing another one just because it is hot here today and this photo reminds me of the coolness of Mendocino.  I’ll bet it was a truly spectacular day there today!  When I see this photo, I can almost feel the breeze sweeping up and over the headlands, wrapping itself around me with the freshness and revitalizing me.  What a lovely way to finish a weekend!

MendoFlowersON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: it was in 1858 in a speech in Springfield, IL, Senate candidate Abraham Lincoln said that the issue of slavery had to be resolved, saying, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: in one year’s time, bees gather 80,000 tons of pollen in the United States.


2 thoughts on “Just Kickin’ It on Father’s Day

  1. That is beautiful really nice maybe I should go there to live:) I bet if I go FHA I could get something in the surrounding area?What are the nearest towns there? Beautiful flowers,I love my home and all my flowers but I need to go where it is warmer and less snow to shovel being alone I have to think ahead I am not good nursing home material I want to sleep and pass in my own house in front of the fire place and on a bear skin rug reading my bible All of John the love chapters.

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