Is Killing Me!

We have some very strange sayings in English.  “Suspended animation” is one such example.  If it is animated, that means it’s moving, right?  So what is suspended animation?  Isn’t it non-animation?  Wouldn’t that be a better term?

And how about “frozen in time”?  Time never really freezes – not like water or even solids.  Of course, I know what it means, but come on!  Is it any wonder that people say English is the hardest language to learn?  We are not unique, however, and every language and culture has its quirks.

I shot today’s photo on the back deck of a friend’s house recently.  They have a hummingbird feeder that is frequented in the mornings and evenings.  I have always enjoyed taking shots of hummingbirds as it is a challenge because their movements are so quick and jerky that you never know what you are going to get.  And, of course, the shutter speed must be VERY fast in order to freeze their wings in motion if that’s the type of shot you want.  It doesn’t leave much time to try to focus or frame the shot!

So, I felt that I got fairly lucky with this shot.  I actually got several pictures that turned out quite well.  I considered it a successful photo shooting experience.  The only problem is that this little fellow has been in a state of suspended animation now for a period of about eight days and he’s getting hungry again and needs to “un-freeze”.  Wish him luck!

SuspendedON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1893, the Ford Theater in Washington, DC, collapsed killing 22 people.  This was the theater where John Wilkes Booth had killed Abraham Lincoln 28 years earlier.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: a racehorse averages a weight loss of between 15-25 pounds during a horse race.



One thought on “Is Killing Me!

  1. Ir seems that some people are suspended in time and never get that drink that keeps them alive they are completly lost in animation and,suspended far above what really matters and never reaching out for that second drink because all their senses are frozen in time:)Lord to be able to just move on smell the green grass and not just look at it!!

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