On the Beach

On day on a weekend when I was in Africa, the group I was with was treated to a trip to the beach at Ada, Ghana.  The Volta River joins with the Gulf of Ghana (part of the Atlantic) there and we got to spend the afternoon relaxing for a change.  There was a “snack shack” there which served sodas, coconut milk, etc. (but don’t think “cold drinks”, ’cause they were anything but cold)!  That, however, did nothing to squelch the enjoyment of the day.

There is a strip of sandy land about 100 yards wide that rises up to about 15-20 feet above sea level.  On one side is the Volta River and on the other is the ocean.  All along that strip of land, various organizations host “guests” who come out for the day to sit under an awning, have a drink or two, swim in the water and the like.  I had the chance to shoot pictures for several hours.  As you look at these pictures, you’ll notice that the bases of the palm trees are painted in colors.  Each company that either owns or rents a part of the beach paints the trees on their section of the beach with a very specific color scheme so you can tell where one group starts and the other ends.

That hammock sure looks relaxing, doesn’t it?  I am ready to crawl into one right now!  I’ll save a spot for you if you hurry!

_MG_1478ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY:  in 1912, fifteen women were dismissed from their jobs at the Curtis Publishing Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – for dancing the Turkey Trot while on the job.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the value of the minerals and skin in a human body is about $4.50.  The skin is the most valuable part.



2 thoughts on “On the Beach

  1. Very colorful I still have to send you a picture of the tree I was talking about with all colors it looks like it was crouched on. Can’t paint kill the tree in time? It has to be nice to have memories of places that are small to others yet so significant to the Father you can be in a smallest corner of the world and no one is there watching but the Lord. There are things you could never explain that happen to you and others but they stay at rest in your memory bank for you to share in private, when you open your heart to the Lord,they are yours and Fathers to forever share,God is good he gives us things to do and wonderful memories and a good feeling when we know it was God sent:) You sacrificed for others you are a true Christian and man of God! A pleasure to know you and your wonderful wife she to sacrificed and stuck by you in everything!!! Blessings and Peace!! Shalom!

    1. Paint can kill trees, but these are large palms and that bit of paint doesn’t seem to hurt them.

      Thanks for your comments and thoughts!!!!! I appreciate them, and you!

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