An African Poser

Do you recall the images of a body-builder on a beach (say Malibu) kicking sand in the face of a 98-pound weakling?  I am not sure where such a concept started, perhaps with the Popeye and Bluto cartoons, but I rather suspect that it had its origins much farther back in the recesses of written history when one strong guy picked on a weaker one.  It seems that it’s been happening ever since.

For all I know, it has happened since the first human males appeared on the face of the earth.  There is this crazy idea that a muscle-bound guy is more appealing to a female than a normal guy.  Again, I don’t know whether that idea came from women or from men themselves.

So, what happens is this: a guy believes that if he’s more buffed, he can attract a more beautiful female…and more of them.  It even plays itself out in the animal realm.  Males of various species compete with one another for the “rights” to a female or group of females.  And they even get a hand from nature itself: in most cases, the males of a species are much more colorful and “prettier” than the female counterparts (with the obvious exception of humans in which the females are much better looking than any of use males!!!!)

Today I’m sharing a photo of an African lizard.  I don’t know what species it is, but what attracted me to it was the bright colors with which the good Lord decorated it.  I have some pictures of a female of the species, too, and they aren’t nearly as pretty.  So, the coloring of this lizard is part of what caught my eye to start with, but then I noticed it’s behavior, which made it all the more intriguing.  You see, this lizard will stop from scampering around (as you see in this picture), and then it will raise itself up on its front legs and start doing what for all the world looks like push-ups!  Why?  I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised but what the lizard thinks that if the biceps in his front legs bulge more than a competitors, he might have a greater chance with a female he is interested in.

What does all that say?  Perhaps this: that men who think being all buffed will make them more appealing to women have brains the size of this lizard?????

_MG_1126ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: 1940 – Evacuation of the defeated Allied armies from Dunkirk began. By its completion on the night of June 2, a total of 224,585 British and 112,546 French and Belgian troops had been saved.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: The Japanese word for chef, itamae, literally means “in front of the cutting board.”



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