He’s Baaaaaaaadddddd!

Remember playing that game, “King of the Hill” when you were little?  While it is supposed to be a child’s game, there is a version of it that exists in the business world, too, where people try to knock one another off the highest pinnacle and claim that spot for themselves.

In the place where we were working in Ghana, goats are everywhere!  I mean EVERYWHERE!  People raise them, but they are not kept in pens and they wander all over creation.  They do seem, however, to know when it is night time and then will wander back “home” for the night.  (If only teenagers were so disciplined, right?!?!?!)

I have pictures of African women in the villages who are sitting on the ground preparing dinner.  They have a pot in front of them over a fire.  And there are goats all over the place.  Of course, where goats to, goat droppings go, too!  It is not a sanitary situation to say the least!  But I must say that the baby goats were sure fun to watch!

This particular young goat was playing king of the hill.  I managed to get a picture of him before some other goat toppled him.  It is probably a good thing that I got the picture when I did, because it is very possible that this little goat has since been made into goat and peanut soup!  (Which, in my American opinion, is something that you should avoid eating at every possible opportunity!)

Here’s to the baaaaaaadest goat around!

_MG_1117ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1986, marine treasure hunter Mel Fisher found a jar containing 2,300 emeralds from the Spanish shop, “Atocha”, which sank in the 17th century.  It was work multi-millions of dollars and is considered one of the greatest treasures ever found.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: In early America, simple wooden beds and straw mattresses were the rule in all but the wealthiest of homes. American inns during the Revolutionary War era were not lush or comfortable, and an innkeeper would think nothing of requesting that a guest share his bed with a stranger when accommodations became scarce.



2 thoughts on “He’s Baaaaaaaadddddd!

  1. Hi Galen, I am SO glad you are back and prayed for you and your wife every day. Look forward to your stories and pics of your trip! MISSED YOU, Holly

    1. Thank you so much, Holly! That’s very gracious of you…and I SO appreciate the prayers. It was an experience…and an ordeal…but what an opportunity!!!!! I will be sharing more in the future, but right now, I’m trying to get myself acclimated to this new time zone again!!!!!! It takes a bit longer after having lived for 53 days on west Africa time!!!!

      Hope you are doing well…

      HIS and yours, Galen >

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