The Perfect Dog

Suppose for a minute that you were able to create a new animal.  Or to modify an existing one.  Which animal would you choose?

Everyone has their favorite animals and who is to say which is good, better or best?  Animals are such wonderful creatures (well, most of them, anyway – at least when they aren’t trying to kill you with a venomous bite or to rip your head off with their jaws or paws).  I truly do love animals!!!

Suppose for a second that you were going to design the perfect pet.  I think I know what I’d do…in fact, I took today’s picture of one of them almost a week ago.  I’d create the perfect dog, much like the one pictured below.

Why is this dog perfect?  Well, it never wakes up at 5 a.m. wanting to be fed.  It never needs you to clean up the dog poop out of the yard.  It never gets fleas or ticks.  It never barks.  It never bites.  It doesn’t rack up huge vet bills and it never needs to be spayed or neutered.  It doesn’t get sick at the end of its life and require an agonizing decision about whether or not the time has come to put your friend down.  It never embarrasses you by what it does to the neighbor’s leg or goes around sticking its nose in places where it shouldn’t.  You don’t have to give it baths or get it a license.  You don’t have to take it for walks when you’re tired or when it is rain, sleet, snow, hail or blazing sun is coming down.  It is perfectly content to just sit still and gaze longing and admiringly at you all day and all night! Think of all the money you could save in dog food! It never comes home and surprises you with a litter of puppies.

It is, I mean to tell you, the perfect pet!  If you have other reasons you can think of about why this is the perfect pet, share them in the comments!

I mean, just look at this magnificent creature!  It even has a figure somewhat like an hourglass.  Those two bowls…just think of what they could hold!!!  I’d train mine so that when I tell it, “Go to the fridge and get me some goodies!” that it would fill one bowl with frozen Snickers from the freezer and the other bowl with ice-cold Dr. Pepper!  What more could a man ask from his best friend?????

Of course, there’s only a couple design flaws: 1) it can’t leap about excitedly when you come through the door; 2) it can’t give you kisses; 3) it won’t do much to help keep you warm on a cold night; 4) it won’t fill you heart with all the love and laughter you can hold like a dog that was designed by God can.  OK, so there are a few “bugs” to be worked out in my design, but for now, I guess I’ll be content with the real deal!

PerfectDogON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in was 1848 when Niagara Falls, for the first time in recorded history, stopped flowing because of an ice jam that blocked up the water.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the hides of mature female blue sharks are more than twice as thick as those of males, probably as a protection against courtship bites!


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