Precious Gifts

What have you received that you consider a treasure?

There are those who may be tempted to state some piece of jewelry, artwork, a spectacular home…and those would be nice gifts to receive, no doubt about it.

But treasures?

I tend to think of treasure as something priceless…not simply something expensive.  When I think of what is priceless in my life, it is people.  Especially family.  I have some very close friends that fit into the treasure category, too, but my mind goes first to family…and I think that’s how it should be.

As precious as a spouse is, perhaps the greatest treasure that is given to us is our children…then grandchildren.  We didn’t earn them.  We didn’t work to acquire them.  They are a gift, a priceless gift.

Today’s photo from last Saturday speaks of one such gift and of the parents who lost a treasure.  As I stand before a tombstone like this, my heart breaks.  I don’t know anything about Daniel or his family, but I could weep just imagining the pain and heartbreak they must have endured.

May Daniel rest in peace…and may peace descend on all who have lost such treasures.

_MG_0990ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1828, Austrian composer Franz Schubert gave his only live public concert ever, in Vienna.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: it takes approximately 69,000 venom extractions from a coral snake (very deadly, by the way) to fill a 1-pint container.  Better not let one bite you.


One thought on “Precious Gifts

  1. Your right of course, I am very thankful that I have a chance to make a difference in my granddaughters life and my great granddaughters life. She may not know to much right now but in time she will be told I am sure. Her mom is back and she is getting a place here to live with her girlfriend and looking for work. She has decided to take responsibility for what the Lord has given to her.There are many roads in this life and we all are not that fortunate to be on the right one all the time,but the best thing that can happen is to be able to see that the road you are on may not be right and turn and go the other way.This time she will have allot more family to help her so she will stay on course and do what is best for her daughter.At least she knows we are here for her should she need a helping hand.Thank You for all your prayers I am glad I met you because I know now what a family really is and just how important they are, and should be treated always especially the family of God!! Psalms:139

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