Doris Day sang:

Oh honey
Picture me upon your knee,
With tea for two and two for tea,
Just me for you and you for me, alone!
Nobody near us, to see us or hear us,
No friends or relations
on weekend vacations
We won’t have it known, dear,
That we own a telephone, dear.

Now, don’t get me wrong here.  It is nice to get away with your honey where you don’t have friends or relatives bugging you, no ringing telephone or door bells.  I like that idea!  But what I don’t like is…are you ready for this….


What’s the big deal with tea?  It’s hot for one thing.  It’s not all that flavorful if you ask me.  It’s just water with a bit of stain in it.

How can there be stores that sell ONLY tea?  Is there really that much money in it?  I mean, this is AMERICA for Pete’s sake….not jolly old England!  People here are supposed to drink Dr. Pepper!!!  Tea?  Bleech….

_MG_0873ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: Czar Nicholas II and his family were arrested by revolutionary forces in Russia.  It didn’t turn out too well for them after that…

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: many Latino baseball players were in the big leagues as early as the 1940’s, but it wasn’t until 1974 and 1975 that the first Latino umpires made it to the “bigs”.



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