Your Dog on Drugs

Do you remember many of the anti-drug or anti-smoking commercials that came out on television over the years?  Perhaps one of the most effective anti-smoking ones featured a woman (Debi Austin) who fought with cancer for 20 years (she just died in February at 62 years of age).  She had a tracheotomy and was pictured in the commercial smoking through the hole in her throat.  Her larynx had been removed and she spoke through the use of an artificial voice box by swallowing air and forcing it through the contraption.  It was a very powerful advertisement for not smoking…or for stopping if you do smoke.  It was a difficult commercial to watch, but effective…perhaps the most effective for that cause, ever.

One of the anti-drug commercials that stuck with me was the “This is your brain…this is your brain on drugs”.  It featured bizarre things.

When I was shooting some pictures of the dog last week, I got one of her while she was lying in the sun with her eyes narrowed to slits.  When I looked at it later, the first thought that came to my mind was, “This is your dog…this is your dog on drugs!”

What do you think?

DogOnDrugsON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1831, the first US bank robbery took place at City Bank of New York CIty.  The robbers got away with $245,000.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: In China’s far province of Guizhou, the Miao people are very superstitious, with strong beliefs in spirits and demons. For marriage approval, a chicken is killed in front of the parties concerned. After the chicken is cooked whole, the size of both its eyes are examined. If both eyes are identical, it symbolizes a blissful union. But if they are of different size, it is considered a bad omen, and the wedding plans canceled. The weight of the chicken is also of importance. Either party that breaks an engagement after the formal announcement must pay the other party an amount of silver equivalent to the weight of the chicken.



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