How many times have you had someone stick their nose into your business????  Unless you were born today, it’s probably happened many times…and even if you were born today, someone probably stuck their nose into your business anyway – changing a diaper, poking you, prodding you, putting an ice-cold stethoscope to your tiny, heaving chest that was clawing for air.

At work tomorrow, you can bet someone will stick their nose into your business, telling you what to do, how to do it better, when to get it done, giving  you advice you neither asked for nor want.  More often than not, it’s advice that is unwelcome and unwise because they don’t know your job as well as you do.

I can’t find anything off-hand about the origin of the saying, but the point is pretty clear: you’ve stuck your nose someplace that it doesn’t belong…and if you don’t get it back where it belongs, you may soon find it out of joint!!!!

I happen to think that dogs have interesting noses.  They love to smell things – wow…to they ever!!!  And they’ll smell the most awful smelling things and wag their tails happily!  I don’t get it!  Some dogs, like boxers and pugs have very short, stubby noses, while others, like labs and greyhounds and German Shepherds have very long, sensitive noses.

You know how every human eye and fingerprint are unique?  I’d be willing to bet that every dog nose is unique, too.  And they are fascinating when you look at them up close…like in today’s picture!

noseyON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1776, having seized Dorchester Heights, General George Washington forced the British, under General William Howe, out of Boston.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: poet/writer Edgar Allen Poe was expelled from West Point Military Academy because he showed up for a parade in his birthday suit.



One thought on “Nosey!

  1. Well you are right about that but my cats nose is cuter then your dogs:)He has a small wet nose and rubs it on me all over and pushes his nose into mine he is beautiful Three years now cancer free I loved him enough that
    i healed him ,me and the Lord that is!!Thank You Jesus!!

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