When Holidays Get Confused

Holidays have their own special symbols and celebrations.  Mother’s Day is all about nice, pretty things for the moms who deserve so much credit for all they do for us.  Father’s day is about power tools and sporting goods..and for good reason!  The Fourth of July is fireworks and BBQ’s and patriotic parades.

Then, of course, there’s Christmas with trees, reindeer, snowmen, Nativity scenes, candy canes and the brightly colored lights on lawn and eaves.

Easter has bunnies, colored eggs, ducklings, chicks and chocolates, and for Christians, celebrations of Resurrection.

But, what happens when holidays get confused?  You wind up with Easter trees, kids looking for reindeer droppings instead of colored eggs, yellow-colored reindeer who fly the way the ducklings and chicks should fly, and who-knows-what-else!

We were in the Sierra foothill town of Jackson recently when we went into one of the ten bazillion antique/crafty-type stores that suck all the money out of tourists, and what to my wondering eyes should appear?  No, not a sleigh full of toys and eight tiny reindeer!  I saw an Easter tree!  Full of ducks, chicks, etc…just like a Christmas tree.  ‘Nuff said.

Next thing you know, we’ll have fat bunnies in red and white suits coming down the chimney and eating all my chocolate chip/walnut cookies!  Bah-humbug!

EasterTreeON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1986, a day that will live in infamy, Popsicle announced that they would no longer make the traditional twin-stick frozen treat, but would replace it with a one-stick model.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY: the two main “gods” of the Hindu religion are Shiva (the dancing god of violence, and Vishnu, the kindly preserver.



2 thoughts on “When Holidays Get Confused

  1. Yep! This just happened to me at the place I work now. When I went in the place was filled with Christmas trees and I just thought that they didn’t have the help to get them down yet. After working the second night I got really close to one and saw they were filled with items referring to Saint Patrick’s day!! I thought what a strange thing to do Yep! all things are changing and not for the better you know who is the author of confusion right????

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