Only the Shadow Knows…

I enjoy shooting pictures that have watery reflections (or glass reflections) in them.  Of course, it tends to require a fairly still day for good water reflections, and that’s one of the problems with those type of photos.  Often, if there are water puddles around, for instance, it’s because it’s stormy.  Lakes or ponds offer better chances for a good reflection photo.  Reflections in glass windows obviously don’t suffer from that type of problem.

A few days ago I stepped out of the fifth wheel and saw something that interested me.  Just about 15 feet outside of the doorway is a palm tree.  It has a curved cinder-block planting edger (you know, the masonry type with scalloped top) around it.  Inside of that is a solar light is stuck in the ground, and a metal sign that speaks about our love for dogs.

A few years ago, we bought two metal “stick-’em-in-the-ground” type of said signs.  One had the cutout image of a boxer (for our great love of boxers) and one is about yellow labs (the breed of dog that my wife always wanted – and which we got about 3 years ago).  As it turns out, the sun was up in the east and the metal sign about the yellow lab was stuck in the planter area east of the palm tree.  The result was that the words and images from the metal sign was displayed on the base of the palm tree as light and shadow.  I thought it was interesting, so yesterday I finally got around to taking a picture of it.  Just like reflections in a glass window, shadows aren’t subject to wind…but you do need enough sunlight to make it work!

So, to answer the question of “How does Laurel feel about her yellow lab, Lucy?”, here’s the answer:

ShadowsON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: in 1836, Mexican forces under General Santa Ana seized the  mission fort known as the Alamo, commissioned by Davy Crockett and 154 Texans.

TRIVIA FOR TODAY:  Which beverage was named for the Queen of England in the 16th century notorious for her persecution of Protestants?  Why, the Bloody Mary, of course!


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